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China's First 10,000 tons-Level Carbon Fiber Production Base Put into Operation in Xining
Source:China Composites Expo  September 09, 2021

September 8th, Xining – China’s first carbon fiber production facilities with capacity exceeding 10, 000 tons officially put into operation in China’s far western highland, marking a significant milestone for CNBM to consolidate its strategic layout of high-end carbon fiber business, improving the international competitiveness and global influence of China’s homegrown carbon fiber and contributing to further promoting the high-quality development of China’s carbon fiber industry.

The announcement was made in a grand ceremony staged by Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd in its brand new facilities located in Xining, Qinghai Province, hosted by Liu Biao, Party Secretary & Chairman of China Composites Group Co., Ltd, and attended by a long list of dignitaries, including:

* Chen Ruifeng, Party Secretary of Xining, Member of the Standing Committee of Qinghai Provincial Committee of CPC
* Wang Liming, Vice Governor of Qinghai Province, Member of the Standing Committee of Qinghai Provincial Committee of CPC
* Lu Weisheng, Chief of Industrial Development Department, China’s National Development and Reform Committee
* Yan Xiaofeng, Party Secretary of China Building Materials Federation
* Zhou Yuxian, Party Secretary & Chairman of CNBM Group
* Kong Lingdong, Deputy Party Secretary & Mayor of Xining
* Wei Rushan, Vice President & Member of the Standing Committee of the Committee of CPC Standing Committee, CNBM Group
* Peng Shou, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chief Engineer of CNBM Group
* Li Xiaoniu, Vice Mayor & Member of the Standing Committee of Xining Municipal Committee of CPC
* Chen Xinwei, President of China Chemical Fibers Association
* Zhang Guoliang, Chairman of Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd.
* Liu Fang, President of Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd.

It is the first phase of a multi-phase production base initiated in May, 2019, which covers an overall area of 800 mu, with aggregate investment topping 5 billion RMB and designed capacity amounting to 25,000 tons. The base is posed at a world leading position in both the level of technology and the volume of capacity.

The first phase as put into operation today, employing an investment of 2.058 billion RMB and a capacity of 11,000 tons, has been ready for full operation upon request. Products rolled off the lines prove to be stable and superior in performance.

Introducing Xining facilities’ profile, Zhang Guoliang says it is a major project  pre-formulated in Zhongfu Shenying’s 14th Five Years Plan, serving as a solid foundation for the latter’s development at the onset of a new development period. The new production lines encompasses advanced industrial design featured with higher spinning speed thus will benefit the upgrade of China's high-end carbon fiber production process. In the future, Zhongfu Shenying will adhere to its market-oriented, efficacy-centered and innovation-driven development strategy, solidify supply stability, proactively promote the development of homemade carbon fiber, narrow the gap with international leading producers and guarantee the security of domestic supply chain.

Kong Lingdong sent his congratulations on behalf of Xining’s Municipal Committee of CPC and Xining Municipal Government. He hails the base as a concrete practice of instructions from General Secretary Xi Jinping, which will certainly inject stronger momentum to speed up industrial and economical transformation of Qinghai Province. He promises also that Xining will continue to provide premium and high-efficient service to Zhongfu Shenying, expand the scope of cooperation and advance its development.

In his congratulatory speech, Lu Weisheng sends his heartfelt regards to CNBM, Zhongfu Shenying as well as the whole project team. He stresses that NDRC has been strictly implementing the decision from Central Committee of CPC and the State Council, to push forward the general development of China's carbon fiber and composite industry. Meanwhile, he encourages CNBM to stay true to its original aspiration and responsibility as a state-owned central enterprise, integrate itself into the grand development roadmap of China’s western regions in the New Ara, and make greater contribution to the economic and social development of Qinghai Province. NDRC will continue to support the growth of local economy and the development of enterprises, advance a concerted development of regional economy and a high quality development of manufacturing industry.

Zhong Yuxian emphasizes that CNBM will keep aligning its strategic rationale with economic consideration, proactively strengthen technological innovation in response to national development strategy and be devoted to making breakthroughs where China is strangled in advanced material industry. The operation of Xinin facilities demonstrates the innovation capability of CNBM and the rapid growth of its advanced material business, signifying an important milestone of China’s carbon fiber industry, indicating the entry into an era of industrialization. He requests Xining facilities to be built into a world leading carbon fiber production base and to repay the support from all aspects with greater achievement.

Those attending today’s ceremony also include representatives from NDRC, Qinghai Provincial Standing Committee of CPC, Qinghai Provincial Government, Xining Municipal Standing Committee of CPC, Xining Municipal Government, affiliates directly under Qinghai Provincial and Xining Municipal governments, Xining High-tech Zone, major financial institutions, major academic institutions, industrial associations, CNBM, COMAC, major suppliers and clients, and employees.