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COMAC Commenced First CR929 Prototype Manufacturing
Source:China Composites Expo  September 06, 2021

September 5th, Shanghai - - In an interview with Jiefang Daily, Chen Yingchun, Chief Engineer of COMAC CR929 Program said manufacturing of the first CR929 prototype had started after all the early stage preparation completed.

More technical details was also given by Chen, saying the China’s first home-developed wide-body aircraft will have a head-to-tail length of 63.3m, with wing spanning 61.2, height topping 17.9m, and weight equivalent to six of ARJ21 or three of C919. Its engine nacelle which is encompassed under wing structure possess a diameter same as the fuselage of ARJ21 regional jet.

Such size and weight contributed to an extended air-range of roughly 12,000km, and increased carrying capacity of 440 passengers if all cabins compacted as economic class. Direct flights could be arranged from Beijing or Shanghai to European countries and North American cities as far as Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles etc.

In line with China’s increasingly tighter policy on carbon emission reduction and national commitment to reach carbon neutrality by 2060, COMAC adopted a composite intensive design for CR929, with usage rate exceeding 50%. Meanwhile, development for CR929’s variants, including double-floor two-aisle version, tri-aisle version, and supersonic variant with new internal layout are also ongoing.