About the organizers

China Composites Group Corporation Ltd (CCGC)

Founded in 1988, CCGC mainly specializes in the manufacture and marketing of composites, glass, glass fiber, ceramics and other nonmetal materials. It bears a strong capability of developing innovative technologies and equipment which have proven to be well applied to composite industry. It is also engaged in various projects and contracts, all of which have won a good fame among its cooperators. And it initiated and convokes the annual grand event of China Composites Expo. Being the parent company of many enterprises and the shareholder of more, CCGC boasts overall assets of 3 billion Yuan with a registered capital of 350 million Yuan. Its sales revenue reaches 5 billion Yuan.

CCGC is one of the biggest composite manufacturers in China and one of the world’s top three wind blade manufacturers. It owns the china’s biggest FRP pipe & tank production base which can produce China’s biggest tens-thousand-ton volume composite tank. And its other leading enterprises include a domestically-leading carbon fiber manufacture, China’s biggest glass fiber mat provider, technologically-advanced gas cylinder producer, composite floor provider, FRP yacht and fishing boat manufacturer, FRP auto-parts producer and domestically top-ranking flat glass manufacturer. To make a conclusion, it is a large national-level composites manufacture group. Its main products include wind blade, winding gas cylinder, carbon fiber, glass fiber winding high pressure pipeline, glass fiber tissue, composite floor, high-class yachts and fishing boats and so on.

China Composites Industry Association (CCIA)

CCIA was founded in 1984 and registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs as an independent legal entity. Its membership includes enterprises which are legally registered in China and specialize in R&D, production, marketing, related education of FRP/glass fiber, its raw materials and equipment. Thus it is a trans-region and trans-industry national-level industry association. The joining in this association follows the principle of self-willingness, equality and win-win strategy.

Up to now, its membership covers more than 1,000 enterprises. The overall output of the membership accounts for 85% of the total output of this industry, which gives the Association a very significant position within this industry. Its branches include special committees on resin, molding, pultrusion and carbon fiber. CCIA is the most authoritative organization in China’s composite industry. It offers information, suggestions and other assistance for the national administration thus contributing to the constitution of national developmental strategy, national policy, and the advancement of industrial development. It serves as a connecting bridge between home and oversea enterprises, between government and enterprises.

Chinese FRP Society

Chinese FRP Society is a famous academic society in China’s composite industry. Its membership exceeds 300 enterprises, covering most of China’s top-ranking research institutes, educational/academic organizations in composite industry. It devotes itself to creating better communication chances between domestic and oversea academic organizations by hosting academic exchange activities, academic seminars, organizing academic visitations, and publishing scientific magazines like FRP/composites, aiming at popularizing knowledge about composites. It is also commissioned to launch scientific projects, to carry out scientific research appraisal, to compile scientific literature, dictionary and brochure, as well as to provide further educational opportunities for research specialist staff.

Exhibition Profile



Who to Exhibit ?

Exhibitors of CCE comes from every niche segment of composites industry, including:

1\ Raw materials and related equipment: resins (epoxy, unsaturated polyester, vinyl, phenolic, etc.), reinforcement (glass, carbon, aramid, basalt, polyethylene, natural, etc.), adhesives, additives, fillers, pigment, pregreg, etc., and all related production and process equipment.

2\ Composites manufacturing processes and related equipment: spray, filament winding, mould compression, injection, pultrusion, RTM, LFT, Vacuum infusion, autoclave, OOA, AFP process and related equipment; honeycomb, foam core, sandwich structure process and related equipment.

3\ Finished Parts and Application: applied in Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Energy/Electricity, Electronics, Construction, Transportation, Defense, Mechanics, Sport/Leisure, Agriculture, etc.

4\ Quality control and inspection: NDE and other inspection systems, robots and other automation systems.

5\ Composites recycling, repairing, energy saving and environment protection technology, process and equipment.

6\ Other high performance composites: metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites, wood-plastic composites and related raw materials, finished parts and equipment.

Events Schedule

 Schedule of CCE2021

Date Activities Time
Dec 23rd
Registration, booth construction and installation for exhibitors only 08:30-17:30
Dec 24th
Registration, booth construction and installation for exhibitors only 08:30-21:30
Dec 25th

Registration & Exhibition
Exhibitors: 8:30-17:30
Visitors:     9:00-17:30
Automotive Composite Innovation Pole 9:00-17:30
CCE-JEC Innovation Awards Ceremony 11:00-12:00
High Forum " Innovation Application and Development of Carbon Fiber and Advanced Composites Materials" 13:30-16:25
Development Forum " Composites Repair and Inspection" 13:30-15:50
Technical Seminars 13:30-16:50
Dec 26th

Registration & Exhibition
Exhibitors: 8:30-17:30
Visitors:     9:00-17:30
Automotive Composite Innovation Pole 9:00-17:30
Automotive Innovation Conferences  "Think Automotive, Think Composites, Think Future" 9:30-15:15
Technical Seminars 13:30-16:50
Company Press Release 10:00-12:00
Technical Training 10:00-12:00
High Forum " Recycling and Re-use for Fiber Composites Waste" 13:30-16:30
Awarding Ceremony for Operating Skills Contest
Awarding Ceremony for Student Contest
Dec 27th

Registration & Exhibition
Exhibitors: 8:30-14:00
Visitors:     9:00-14:00
Automotive Composite Innovation Pole 9:00-14:00
Booth Dismantlement 14:00-21:30


Exact time point for each event is subject to the on-site release.

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