Exhibit Pricing
+ Booth
For space below 18m2, you will be offered a standard furnished booth, or Standard Booth; for 18m2 space or above, you can design and decorate the Raw Space at your own will, only if subject to the regulations of the Venue. The price is as follows:

  Zone A ( Superior Location ) Zone B ( Interior Location )
Standard Booth USD 3,430 / 9 m2 USD 2,500 / 9 m2
Raw Space USD 330 / m2 USD 200 / m2

+ Advertising in the catalogue
Inside Run-of-Page US$1120, Inside Front Cover US$1600, Inside Back Cover US$1400, Outside Back Cover US$2240

+ Technical Seminar
   US$ 800 / hour

+ Press Release
US$ 350/ 20mins

+ Hiring Interpreter 
   English-Chinese: US$200/ person / day