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Surface Generation opens demonstration facility in Taiwan with UNIC Technology
2013-05-02 08:45:48
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原文: companies will work to bring Surface Generation’s patented production to functional specifications process (PtFS) to the consumer electronics sector as an integrated processing solution. PtFS is unique in enabling thermoplastic composite components to be created in less than two minutes, dramatically improving the economic viability of using them in lightweight laptops , tablets and smartphones.

Surface Generation and UNIC already work extensively in the Asia Pacific region, and have opened the new facility to meet growing demand for carbon fibre based products from multinational original equipment manufacturers. They expect to rapidly expand the facility, with up to 20 employees in the next year.

Ben Halford, Chief Executive at Surface Generation, comments: “There is huge potential for the PtFS process with in consumer electronics, where manufacturers a relooking for an economically viable way of mass-producing strong, lightweight components. Our agreement with UNIC Technology , one of the largest suppliers of materials into this sector, coupled with our new facility in Taiwan and the latest version of the PtFS process, will help accelerate this process .”

Johnny Lin, President of UNIC Technology Corp, comments: “ Providers of consumer electronic products are looking for a way of replacing traditional metallic and plastic parts with composites to make them stronger and lighter. Surface Generation's technologies are unique in enabling composite components to be created reliably, efficiently and in less than two minutes, which are crucial factors for mass market adoption . ”