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Relocation to New Teijin Aramid China Office with Integrated Technical Center
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2013-04-22 16:47:12
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原文: Aramid, a global leader in high performance fibers, today opened the new office and the Technical Center Asia (TCA) in Shanghai, China. The facility will play an important role in supporting Teijin Aramid's customers and their applications in Asia.

The expansion of the office is a result of close to ten years of consecutive growth of the Twaron brand in China since the start in 2004. Besides that, Teijin Aramid decided to integrate a state-of-the-art Technical Center focusing for 100% on Twaron, Technora and Teijinconex solutions because of the growing demand for local experts to cooperate with customers and test local applications. Twenty-one people are employed in the Shanghai office and an additional four employees will be working in the new Technical Center Asia.

The Technical Center will focus on all Twaron, Technora and Teijinconex applications and is open for clients to cooperate and test new applications. It is offering all kinds of customer support and testing methods for developing new solutions, such as: tensile testing of yarns, cords and textiles, protective testing, textile testing of ballistic fabrics, microscopy, twisting and rewinding of yarns and paper making.

Gert Frederiks, CEO Teijin Aramid: "We have been serving the Asian region for a long time with our Twaron product with a small local team and it's becoming more and more important in our business strategy. By moving to this new office and opening the Technical Center Asia in Shanghai,we are able to support our customers much better and faster with technical and innovative solutions."