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Exel Composites is gearing up for growth in Asia
Source:Exel Composites
2017-05-03 08:54:48
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Another important milestone in Exel Composites' growth strategy has been achieved with the acquisition of Nanjing Jianhui Composite Material, a Chinese composites manufacturer serving the transportation,construction, electrical and other industrial markets. This move will enable us to capitalize on the growing demand for composites in Asia, and reinforces our position as a leader in the global pultrusion industry.
Nanjing Jianhui primarily employs the pultrusion process and its product range is complementary to the Exel Composites portfolio. The business brings an immediate increase in manufacturing capacity and creates opportunities for operational synergies with our existing Chinese factory, which is also located in Nanjing. In addition to optimizing capacity utilization in the Asia Pacific, we are also continuing to extend our local sales and product development network in order to expand the range of applications and services we offer across the region.