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China's ARCH industrial launches company website
2017-04-18 17:11:38
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原文: in 2012, ARCH Industrial (HK) Company, whose aim is to become "a global leader in new materials with core values – science, innovation and cooperation", has launched its official company website.

The head office of ARCH is in Hong Kong, with branches in Shanghai, Hunan and Jiangsu in China.

The newly launched website is comprised of four parts — Product and Service, Structure Design, Processing and Application. In Product and Service, product catalog and properties are available. Structure Design contains a detailed description of sandwich structure and core material selection. ARCH mainly uses thermoforming, machining and granule foaming in composite processing, explained in Processing on the website. Application gives an overview about the applications of ARCH’s products in various key industries such as aviation and aerospace, shipping building, automotive, railway and radar.

It is worth noting that last October, Longhua Heat Transfer & Energy Conservation Co., Ltd. successfully acquired Hunan Zhaoheng Material Technology Co., Ltd., China’s manufacturer of PMI foams. ARCH participated in this investment as well and is fully in charge of overseas distribution and sales of Zhaoheng’s products.

According to the company, the launching of its website is an important step for ARCH to export “Created in China” to foreign countries.  文章来源: