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Litzler sells hot melt prepreg machinery
2013-03-27 15:54:44
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原文: A. Litzler Co. (Cleveland, Ohio), Inc announced March 25 a new hot melt prepreg machine order to Hankuk Carbon of Korea. The machine order was signed at the JEC show in Paris. The Litzler hot melt prepreg machine is a wide hot-melt machine designed for high-speed and high quality applications for Hankuk Carbon to grow their prepreg business.

“We are very excited to have chosen the Litzler hot melt prepreg machine” says president Cho of Hankuk Carbon. “The technical and management team of Litzler answered all of the needs for our expansion in composites and with their long-time presence in Asia, my team is very excited about our decision for Litzler.

"The machine has the latest technology by Litzler to achieve high quality prepregs for a world-wide market. “We are excited to be working with such an excellent company as Hankuk Carbon and very proud to have been selected by Hankuk Carbon to fulfill their expansion plans”, says Matthew Litzler, CEO.  Hankuk Carbon is a composites company in Korea offering a wide range of composites solutions to the market over last 30 years.

Litzler celebrates 60 years in business in 2013. It provides a variety of composites machinery including prepreg equipment and carbon fiber lines including oxidation ovens with the patented G5 End Seal system.  Litzler will service Hankuk Carbon out of the Cleveland Headquarters and the Litzler-Shanghai office.