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Siemens receives certification for 8-MW offshore wind turbine prototype
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2017-01-19 10:17:23
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原文: GL has awarded Siemens Wind Power (Munich, Germany) with the prototype certificate for its 8-megawatt (MW) offshore wind turbine SWT-8.0-154. The prototype certification confirms all relevant safety features on the turbine according to the Danish Executive Order BEK 73:2013 and IEC 61400-22 and allows Siemens to install a prototype of the 8-MW turbine at the test center for wind turbines in Østerild, Denmark.

The SWT-8.0-154 turbine is an evolution of the SWT-6.0-154 and the SWT-7.0-154 turbines. The main changes going from SWT-7.0-154 to the SWT-8.0-154 turbine consist of an upgraded generator including the adjacent electrical system and an advanced control system. The upgrade of the offshore direct drive wind turbine to eight megawatts is made possible through the introduction of new magnet technology with an even higher grade than that introduced in the SWT-7.0-154. This enables a rated power increase of more than 14% from 7.0 to 8.0-MW.

“We are happy that the certification journey of the Siemens direct drive offshore wind turbine continues from the 7-MW to the even bigger 8-MW turbine together with DNV GL. With our certification services we support Siemens to meet customer expectations to provide the industry with an optimized turbine with an even higher output rate to reduce the levelized cost of energy,” says Mike Wöbbeking, head of certification body renewables certification at DNV GL.  文章来源: