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Sicomin products receive fire classification
2016-12-28 16:30:35
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原文: products receive fire classification

Sicomin and 3A Composites Core Materials of Switzerland say that their epoxy resin PET foam sandwich panel has been tested to EN45545-2. This unified European fire protection standard assesses the performance of components through rigorous flammability, toxicity and smoke density tests and is recognised as the benchmark standard for the rail industry.

Sicomin's SR1125 Infusion epoxy, combined with the SGi128 gel coat system and 3A's AIREX T90 structural PET foam, was used to manufacture a 23 mm thick GRFP sandwich panel using a vacuum infusion process at 25°C. The component was then tested to evaluate its performance according to the EN45545-2 standard.

The combination of Sicomin and 3A Composites products were tested for Class R1 for the manufacture of rail interiors such as ceilings, window frames and side walls and Class R7 for external parts such as body shell, walls and underframes. The foam sandwich panel achieved an overall fire hazard protection level of HL2.

‘This is a significant accomplishment for Sicomin and our long standing supply partner, 3A Composites,’ said Philippe Marcovich, president of Sicomin. ‘It is very rewarding to receive verification that our high performance products perform successfully together to achieve exceptional standards in the rail industry.’

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