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Zoltek and TCG Co-Develop Thermoplastic Composite Products
2013-03-15 15:14:28
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Zoltek Corporation (Nasdaq: ZOLT) and Thermoplast Composite GmbH of Germany announced today that they are working together to develop and improve carbon fiber thermoplastic tapes and other carbon fiber thermoplastic products, based on Zoltek fibres and using TCG innovative process technologies, for structural applications for automotive and other industries. Co-developed carbon fiber thermoplastic tapes produced by TCG will be on display at this year’s JEC Composites Show (Zoltek booth T31).
These thermoplastic tapes, manufactured with Zoltek’s Panex® 35 carbon fiber and using TCG’s patented process technology, have the ability to be used as the primary reinforcement in structural parts or as localized reinforcement for injection molding applications. Strategic placement in localized areas in combination with injection molding processes produce low cost, structurally optimized composite parts with the potential to be used for seat backs, front end carriers, bumpers, doors, and other automotive components with complex geometries and high structural requirements.

With increased interest from the automotive industry in carbon fiber thermoplastic materials, Zoltek and TCG will continue to develop and improve these products and processes for expanded applications.