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China fiber based biological composite materials research center established
2013-01-11 08:38:09
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Recently, Zhejiang Tianhe Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has signed an agreement with Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering (NIMTE) to jointly establish a “fiber based biological composite materials application engineering research center”.
Business, Asia-Pacific insight, Natural Fiber, Other Fiber, Thermosetting Resins .From this platform Tianhe will further develop and research on the bio-based materials, and convert the research results into industrialization in a more timely manner.
In recent years, Tianhe has developed and produced biodegradable barrier food packaging materials and product with corn starch as raw material. The products are favored by domestic and foreign customers. After repetitive tests, Tianhe has increased the starch content in the materials to 72%, some individual products even reached 79%.
Through the partnership with NIMTE, Tianhe has started to use bamboo powder as raw materials to develop a new type material - high biological carbon bamboo fiber resin.
Tianhe general manager Qiu Yu said: "the traditional plastic is a non-renewable resource. It also causes pollutions. High biological carbon bamboo fiber resin material solves the non-renewable problem. It becomes an alternative resource, and also can reduce carbon emissions. "
Based on this new technology, in addition to the use of bamboo powder as raw materials, the cotton stalk can also be used as the raw materials. Compared to products with the corn powder as raw material, the new material moisture content is lower, and the specific weight is smaller. According to the tests, products with corn powder as raw material water content is about 13%, while the product with bamboo powder as raw material moisture content is only 4%. Therefore, the new material is lighter weight and lower in cost.