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Gold Wind largest overseas wind power project started in Australia
2013-01-11 08:33:45
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Gold Wind announced recently in Beijing, its largest overseas wind power project, the Australian Gullen Range wind farm project which officially started construction.
Business, Wind Energy, Thermosetting Resins .The project includes 17 units of 1.5 MW direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbine and 56 units of 2.5 MW direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbine a total capacity to 165.5 MW.
"The Australian government last year passed clean energy legislation established the renewable energy Council and financial company specifically for clean energy services, and developed an emission reduction target to make clean energy power generation accounted for 20% of the total generating capacity by 2020." Australian Trade Commission China senior investment specialist Wang Hengyan recently told reporter.
Gullen Range wind farm is the Australian New South Wales State largest wind power project. Previously, the wind farm has successful passed Australian Trans Grid strict grid detection. This shows Gold Wind direct driven permanent magnet generator can meet the needs of the local network operator’s grid connection technical requirements.
Australia and China are similar, 70% of energy is come from thermal power, and the emission reduction pressure is big. Australia has rich wind energy resource, but the current installed wind power only accounted for about 1%, to achieve the 2020 clean energy target of 20%, Australia must vigorously develop wind power. In the new plan's 226 clean energy projects, 185 are wind power projects.
 “Compare with Europe and the United States, the biggest difference of Australia wind power development is that Australia does not have a strong local wind power manufacturing industry, all Australia wind fields are dependent on imported turbines and import technical services." This provides opportunities for Gold Wind.
Gold Wind Gullen Range wind farm project will use the native Australian construction contractor for wind farm specific construction. Trans Grid will be responsible for the wind farm 330 KV power grid access connection construction. In addition, Gold Wind will buy 17 towers from the Australian native companies for this project.
Gold Wind Australian executive director John Titchen says: "The wind field all construction work will be completed by the end of 2013, and in December 2013 to achieve parallel operation.
The proposed Gullen Range Wind Farm is located approximately 20km West of Goulburn, NSW. Seventy-three wind turbines were given planning approval in August 2010 and will be constructed.
The site is broadly broken into two sections with the Kialla and Bannister sections to the north and the Pomeroy and Gurrundah sections to the south. Situated on the Great Dividing Range on a generally north-south oriented ridgeline, the distance from the northernmost proposed turbine location in the Kialla region, to the southernmost location in the Gurrundah region is 22km. The turbines are strategically located on elevated ground or on ridges for the best wind exposure.