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China’s First 5MW Wind Rotor Blade was certificated by GL
2012-07-24 09:56:15
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In April 19, the 62-meter-long 5MW blade of Zhongfu Lianzhong successfully passed the static loading test from GL. The success demonstrates China’s first GL certification on 5MW blade.
The working objective of Zhongfu Lianzhong test center is to enhance the level of both testing technique and quality and to pass 17025 national laboratory recognitions by the end of 2012. The center with market competitiveness will then be qualified for conducting test, laying a solid foundation to developing the foreign market.
Mr Zhao from GL said that the testing center of Zhongfu Lianzhong was China’s most stable one for various blade sizes in loading test. The test center of Zhongfu Lianzhong successfully finished the static loading test for 25 blades ranging from 1.5MW-5MW and it also finished fatigue test for 1.5MW blades. 文章来源: