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CMAG Aeronautic Composites Project Launched
2012-07-19 09:37:10
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CMAG (Jiaxing) Aeronautic Material Project started its project of manufacturing annually 80,000 cubic meters composites and aeronautic aluminum products in Xiuzhou industrial park.

The project was invested by Argosy International Inc, and officially signed in the industry park as ‘Zero Land Business’ project in May, 2010. Due to land limitation, the project was first carried out in the standard factory of Armor China. The first phase with 20 million capital investments began on March 23, covering a total area of 26666.27 m2 and floor area of 25673.34 m2, achieving the primary production and process of NOMAX honeycomb materials and aeronautic aluminum products. The first phase will be finished in November, and will go into operation at the end of this year. The annual sales revenue will reach USD60 million. The second with 40 million capital investments will cover an area of 110 mu, meanwhile achieving an overall production of NOMAX honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb parts, as well as aeronautic aluminum CNC process. The sales revenue will reach USD200 million.

As new environmental-friendly and energy-saving aeronautic composites, NOMAX honeycomb features light weight and high strength, being diminished in its size and weight while maintaining high strength. It can be used in aircraft, high speed train, yacht, and wind energy area. CMAG (Jiaxing) Composite Material Co., Ltd., by virtue of its NOMAX honeycomb products, will change the situation that China relies severely on importing aeronautic composites. The annul sales revenue will reach USD260 million after the project finish. The industrial park will become an aeronautic and high-tech base with both products and integrated sales system represented by CMAG. 文章来源: