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Gomesa Seated Its 48 MW Wind Energy Project in Anshan
2012-07-16 10:41:42
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原文:’s first wind energy project was approved by provincial Committee of Development and Reform, Anshan’s municipal counterpart announced on February 17th, people there would gain access to wind-generated electricity in two years, clean and recyclable. The project, called Tai’an Mulberry Wind Farm, is invested by Gomesa Beijing. Tai’an Mulberry Wind Farm is seated in Mulberry Town, northwest of Taian County. It is composed of 24 wind turbines, each boasting a capacity of 2,000kw. The overall investment is 470 million Yuan and expects to generate electricity one year from now. Anshan Area, of course, enjoys the priority of using wind-generated electricity, with the whole Northeast China waited in line. The wind farm could generate 106 million kw electricity a year, saving 67,000 tons of standard coal annually. It will also bring to the locals enormous economic welfare and invaluable social benefits. 文章来源: