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CSR Times New Material initiated its new wind blade industrial park in Tianjin
2012-07-11 13:45:50
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A wind blade industrial park, launched by CSR Times New Material Co., Ltd, subordinate to CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute, ran into operation recently. The project covered an area of 320 mu (roughly 21.3 hectares), with the gross floor area of 59,000 sqm, producing 1000 MW-level blades at most per year.

CSR Times New Material initiated its wind blade business in 2008. One year later, it built for itself Zhuzhou Liyu Wind Blade Industrial Park, from where 600 wind blades were sold in the single year of 2011. Its Tianjin subsidiary was established in 2010, aiming at marching towards North China’s wind energy market and also facilitating the transportation of blades to oversea market as well as offshore wind farms. East Electricity and China Creative Wind Energy became its clients successively in 2011.

Now, two TMT blades of its kind developed by CSR Times New Material, with length respectively 42.8m and 45.3m could achieve mass production. Breakthroughs on high-power offshore wind blade, as well as on diversified blades are undergone. Some of them have accomplished small-scale mass production.