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First Commercial Production of Carbon Fiber Launched in South Korea
2012-07-11 13:37:35
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Taewang Industry of South Korea will start the country’s first commercial production of carbon fiber in March, 2012, a report on December 28th, 2011 declared.

It was a project worked out as soon as Taewang attained its own technology of PAN-based carbon fiber production in 2009. The construction of supporting facilities was launched not soon after and expects to operate in March, next year. The annual capacity, at that time, is supposed to be 3,000 tons of pregregs and 1,500 tons of carbon fiber.

Taewang Industry said before used to produce carbon fiber, prepreg needs to be treated in a temperature higher than 1,000 centigrade. The company invested, at all, 150 billion Korea dollars on the technological development and the facility introduction of carbon fiber. Now it has owned a complete production line manufacturing both carbon fiber and related products made from it. Taewang will inject more investment on this project later to diversify its products catalogue. Oversea market will be its next target after it secures domestic market.