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Taiwan Fulltech Built a New Electric Fabric Factory in Dongguan
2012-07-10 14:49:14
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Taiwan Fulltech Fiber Glass Co., Ltd. was granted to build an electric glass fiber cloth factory in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. The project costing 15 million US dollars was approved by Taiwan Investment Committee recently and expects to operate in the fourth courter of 2012.

Fulltech’s factories, including two electric yarn factories and one electric fabric factory, are all located in Taiwan. The decision to extend its manufacture base to Mainland China is on one hand, an answer to market demands and on the other, a strategic deployment aiming at occupying high-end electric fabrics market. Therefore, its new factory in Dongguan, is especially assigned to produce super-thin electric fabrics (<0.025mm) and other special fabrics.

Now Fulltech (75,000 tons) ranks the third in the world, concerning the annual capacity of electric yarns, only after PPG (200,000 tons) and Taiwan Glass Industry Co., (80,000 tons). It has 30% market share both in Europe and the US.