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LianYuangang’s First Carbon Fiber Core Cable Production Line Ran into Operation
2012-07-10 14:11:59
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原文: Carbon Fiber Core Cable Technology Co., ltd. has initiated its first production line into operation recently, signifying a second-to-none attempt to popularize the large-scale application in electricity transmission of cables made with carbon fiber core. Being an ideal substitute for conventional steel-made central strands, carbon fiber composite boasts a more durable and stable property, making it a hot, new and hi-tech choice worldwide. While applied to upgrading electricity grid, or expanding power capacitance, carbon fiber core cables will be well compatible with existing supporting facilities such as power transmission tower, thus saving the cost of reconstruction. It will also enormously enhance power transmission capability, reduce the waste of land, save the cost and protect the environment. The annual capacity of this production line is expected to exceed 20,000 kilometers. 文章来源: