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Solvay Held Customer Event and New Brand Promotion Ceremony in China
2013-04-22 10:06:24
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Shanghai, Apr. 17, 2013 --- Solvay has unveiled its new corporate identity to its Chinese customers. With the launch of the new brand, Solvay is opening a new chapter in the company’s history worldwide as well as in China.

The slogan “Asking more from chemistry” – clearly expresses its pride in being a chemical company and suggests the different innovative approaches used by Solvay to become a model for sustainable chemistry.

With long-term investment since 1994 when Solvay established foothold in China, Solvay has in addition more than 2,800 employees and 17 manufacturing sites, established 4 R&D/Technology Centers, in which there is a worldwide class R&D Center based in Shanghai to service the Chinese and global customers with the most advanced and tailored solutions.

Solvay China has achieved a top three leader positioning most market that it is active in. In the future, Solvay will further consolidate its leadership and customer service in areas such as rare earth, silica, engineering plastics, polyamide and intermediates, aroma performance, essential chemicals, specialty chemicals, specialty polymers and emerging biochemicals. 

Based on the premise of environmental protection and low carbon emissions, Solvay will strive to solve the industrial challenges and bottlenecks by offering its sustainable and innovative solutions to Chinese customers. Moreover, Solvay will offer rational energy development strategies and optimal configuration for its customers, to minimize energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions to help Chinese customers and communities in achieving a “beautiful China”.

Solvay will further build on its innovative strengths through an open innovation international hub bringing together international research institutes and Chinese academia. The Shanghai E2P2L set-up in October 2011, is the fruit of such effort. This year, E2P2L extends its consortium to two additional important partnership with Fudan University and University of Lille from France. These two new members will contribute to enhance the research capabilities aiming at reducing dependence on oil using sustainable solutions. Solvay China will leverage the insights of the local market to help customers in addressing technical challenges, and enabling them to solidify their core competence in the Chinese and global markets.

“Solvay has a strong footprint in high growth regions and Asia is central to the company’s business focus. China is a core and highly important part of our global development plan,” Mr. Clamadieu said, “With our commitment to investing in China, we will continue to focus on developing the Chinese market, by strengthening our local R&D and innovation capabilities, and our production and customer service capabilities, under the banner of our brand-new image.”

As an international chemical group, SOLVAY assists industry in finding and implementing ever more responsible and value-creating solutions. The Group is firmly committed to sustainable development and focused on innovation and operational excellence. Solvay serves diversified markets, generating 90% of its turnover in activities where it is one of the top three worldwide. The group is headquartered in Brussels, employs about 29,000 people in 55 countries and generated 12.4 billion euros in net sales in 2012.