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C3 Technologies and Guanyi Aviation sign a MoU for composite parts manufacturing of the GA20
2017-06-14 09:31:07
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原文: was during a trip to Nanchang (China) than Jean-Marie Buignet - General Manager of C3 Technologies - signed with Songhua Zhu - President of Guanyi Aviation - a memorandum of understanding for composite parts manufacturing of the GA20.

This is indeed in this district making big investments for the development of the aeronautical industry that will be built Guanyi Aviation's premises and the final assembly line of the GA20.

This 4-seater single engine aircraft which has been initiated in 2014 is the very first one with full independent intellectual property rights in China with all the developments made by a private company.

This aircraft is developed in compliance with three airworthiness standards of China, US and EU.

This is a milestone achieved for C3 Technologies which confirms its ambition to deliver its know-how to the aeronautical industry.  文章来源: