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TenCate acquires Amber Composites, 16 January 2013
2013-01-24 14:33:48
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TenCate, a producer of composites for space and aerospace, protective fabrics and geosynthetics, has announced it will acquire Amber Composites, a UK-based manufacturer of prepregs for the industrial and automotive markets.
The financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed.
TenCate’s activities in the composites market are mainly focused on aerospace, space and radome applications and within the TenCate Advanced Composites group, which has activities in the USA and Europe. TenCate is a leader in thermoplastic prepregs for the aviation industry under the Cetex®Netherlands-headquartered brand.
Amber Composites was established in 1988 to manufacture prepreg materials. It is headquartered near Nottingham in the UK and serves a number of industries including motorsport, automotive, aerospace, communications, marine and wind energy.
The acquisition of Amber Composites will help accelerate TenCate's thermoset composites activities in the European market, and in the industrial and automotive composites, tooling materials and aerospace market.
Announcing the news, Amber Composites stated that by joining forces with Tencate it will strengthen its ability to provide its customer service on a more global basis.

               Amber Composites supplies prepregs to the automotive industry.