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China’s Becoming the Third Country Who Can Produce Super-thin E-Glass Fiber
2012-07-10 14:31:07
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Scientific officials of Chongqing declared a breakthrough in mass production of 5mm E-glass fiber. The breakthrough marks China becoming the third country in the world, only after the USA and Japan, attaining the core technology of super-thin E-glass fiber.

Wu Shuhuang, a senior official in charge of Chongqing’s scientific development said E-glass fiber is a new material which could be applied to the manufacture of electronic components of all kinds. In recent years, it has drawn a growing attention from manufacturers of mobile phone, computer, television, aircraft and automotive. However, domestic market heavily relied upon imports previously, for the sake of foreign monopoly of the key technology.

It is said, the annual capacity of Chongqing’s E-glass fiber would expect a fast expansion to 70.000 tons, worthy of 10 billion RMB. A complete industrial chain of Super-thin E-glass fiber would then come into being.

Chongqing Polycomp International Corporation has occupied a 30% market share of super-thin E-glass fiber worldwide. Its loyal clients include five from Taiwan. And it is planning a stride into Japan’ high-end market. 文章来源: