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The Winners for 2013 CCE-JEC Innovation Award
2013-09-24 11:15:00
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Part 1 Raw Materials
1. Product Name: Dry-Jet Wet Spinning SYT45 High Performance Carbon Fiber    
    Exhibitors: Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd.
      Precursors for SYT45 high performance carbon fibers were produced by dry-jet wet spinning method as Toray T700 carbon fibers, with acrylonitrile (AN) as the monomer, and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) as the solvent. After preoxidation and carbonization processes, the carbon fibers were produced, with basic properties fittingly answering the demand of national standard GQ4522.Tensile strength of SYT45 appears no less than 4.5GPa, and Young’s modulus is no less than 230GPa. The products can be widely used in industrial, civil engineering, sports, military, aerospace and other application fields. Production place: Dapu industrial zone, Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province.
      SYT45 precursors are produced by DMSO one step method and dry-jet wet spinning process. Within the overall manufacturing processes, it has made significant breakthroughs in several key techniques including preparation of high viscosity spinning solution, air layer fiber forming, dry-jet wet spinning, high pressure steam drawing, electrochemical surface treatment, external heating layer type pre-oxidization furnace, and etc. A series of innovative achievements have been obtained as well, in the continuous and stable heat transmission system, highly efficient monomers and bubble removal system, high viscosity materials filtration system, and dry-jet wet spinning balance system. 
      Authoritative testing results provided by Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Jiangsu Testing Center of High Performance Fibers are as follows:
  • tensile strength:≥4.5GPa
  • tensile modulus: 220-260GPa
  • elongation: 1.8-2.5%
  • density≥1.8g/cm3
  • linear density: 780-820g/km (12k)
      Results showed that the SYT45 products have already met the requirements of national standard GQ4522. Due to the introduction of dry-jet wet spinning process, the outer surface of fibers becomes smooth and the broken filament rate has been effectively reduced, resulting in a good manufacturability.

2. Product Name: Atlac® 5200 FC (High Performance Resin in Compliance With GMP Standard of Food Industry)

      Atlac® 5200 FC is developed to make composite tanks and pipes that are in contact with food or potable water.
      When consumers buy food they assume the products are tasty, safe and consistent purchase after purchase. It goes without saying these products should not contain hazardous substances that can affect human health. Food suppliers are concerned about their brand image and therefore go to great lengths to avoid product contamination and consequently costly recalls. For food suppliers, safety in food is paramount: process installations that deliver day after day, tight process control ensuring that process outputs are consistent and predictable. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a systematic quality and hygiene management standard in the production process, which is widely applied in industries including pharmaceutical, food etc. It is a set of compelling requirements for the raw materials, personnel, facilities, production process, packaging as well as quality assurance to meet the country’s legislations, as a Standard Operating Procedure. Therefore Food suppliers have to follow GMP in their production process to ensure the food safety, preventing hazardous elements entering into food. And for manufacturers of composite components that are in contact with food or potable water, to be in line with GMP is not only a legal obligation, but also brings reliability and peace-of-mind to their downstream customers, the food suppliers. 
      Stainless steel as a conventional material requires high investment, but frequently it shows poor corrosion resistance against many food ingredients. Consequently cracks and leakages often lead to quality issues like contaminations, process interruption or even environmental pollution. Meanwhile, having been proven suitable for food industry, composites have become the material of choice. More and more food suppliers tend to use composite materials as replacements of stainless steel in storage tanks or in-plant pipes, for their outstanding durability and performance against corrosion. Moreover, composites help food suppliers generate more savings on investment as maintenance and installment of composite tanks and pipes are relatively lower than stainless steel.
      The Regulation EU 10/2011 states plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food have to comply with following requirements:
      Positive List: Composite component manufacturers have to verify that ingredients used for production are listed in the so-called Positive List. This list indicates which ingredients are allowed for use in contact with food. This regulation will be effective to glass fibres as of 2016. Before that, composite component manufacturers should obtain food approval statements or make risk assessment of glass fibres.
      GMP: All raw materials and components coming into contact with food application should be produced under the EU-definition of Good Manufacturing Practice.
      The global Life Sciences & Material Sciences company DSM has worked together with its customer Christen & Laudon on the development of a new family of storage tanks for foodstuff applications, sold by Christen & Laudon. This breakthrough has been achieved by combining DSM’s in-depth knowledge on food legislation and GMP implementations, the capabilities of the new Vinyl Ester resin Atlac® 5200 FC, and the engineering and manufacturing expertise of Christen & Laudon for making parts that perform in the final application.
      The high performance resin Atlac® 5200 FC has been developed specifically for use in applications that have contact with food and potable water and is made in line with commonly accepted Good Manufacturing Practices for the Food Industry (GMP). DSM certifies that the ingredients of Atlac® 5200 FC resin are compliant with the “positive list” of the European Food Contact Regulation EU 10/2011. This simplifies the approval process for DSM’s direct customers.
      Focusing on consumers’ food safety and health, DSM integrates its knowledge and expertise in the Life Sciences in its product development in the Material Sciences, and provides composite solutions in compliance with GMP for the Life Sciences. The whole production process is traceable and controllable that contaminations can be prevented to the utmost extent. Furthermore, equipments made with the composite solution have prolonged service life at lower installment and maintenance cost.
      Besides the advantages in performance, the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) shows a much better ECO result (in terms of reduced Carbon and ECO footprint) of containers made of composites (FRP) compared with stainless steel at the same volume and thickness over the entire life cycle (a process covering from raw material to production till the end of use, that is “from Cradle to Grave”), which means in the long run, composites has much lower impact to the environment than the stainless steel.
Part 2 New Applications
3. Product Name: Energy-Saving GRPU Pultruded Window Profile
    Exhibitor:Jiangsu Top Composite Technology Co., Ltd.

      Technology Innovation: Curing time of Polyurethane resin is extremely short, and our technology of continuous pultrusion process filled this technology gap in China.
      Performance Innovation: GRPU Profiles is integrated with good thermal insulation and excellent mechanical properties, so it overcomes the disadvantage of traditional materials that it can’t take function of thermal insulation while keeping mechanical properties at the same time. GRPU window has superior performance in sound insulation, thermal insulation and wind pressure resistance and so on.
      GRPU Profile: Major Technical Indicators:
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.22W/mK
  • Linear expansion: 6.94×10-6 
  • Bending modulus: 54.14GPa
  • Tensile Modulus: 51.90GPa
      GRPU Window: Major Technical Indicators:
  • Water tightness level: 4;
  • Air tightness level: 8;
  • Wind Pressure Resistance level: 9;
  • Thermal insulation: 1.1W/m2K
  • Sound Insulation: 37dB
      The biggest advantage of GRPU Energy Saving Window is the combination of low thermal conductivity and top rank wind pressure resistance. Wind pressure resistance of the 65 series even reaches 9, which is the top level of national standard requirement. If assembled with insulating glass, the thermal conductivity can reach 2.2, far below that of broken bridge aluminum profile at 2.8. Major design institutes raise numerous interest in this new invention. Energy saving windows and doors is the future trend, in view of government energy saving policies and 75% energy saving slogan in recent years, the new Energy saving windows will set off a technological revolution in the market.
4. Product Name: Sinoma 45.2-1.5MW Blade For High Altitude And Low Wind Speed Site 
    Exhibitor: Sinomatech Wind Power Blade Co., Ltd.

      Blades are the key components of wind turbine, its wind energy transform efficiency is the main factor of power generating efficiency; This blade is applied at high altitude site and low wind speed site. Production place: Beijing, China.
       Comparing to similar product in China, the technology innovations are:
  • Confirmation of blade length, on the basis of full investigation of wind resource of high altitude and low wind speed site, the relationship between blade length and power efficiency as well as wind speed and air density is studied, it defines the blade length as 45.17m, enabling blade length compatible with wind resource of wind farm.
  • Low load and high efficiency, the aerodynamic load will be increased as the increasing of blade length, the aerodynamic load reach the highest characteristics and annual power output at high altitude and low wind speed site. There is balance between aerodynamic and structure by iterative design to reach the target of low load and high efficiency.
  • In terms of structure design, the optimum stiffness theory is used on the key load bearing element—spar cap, the relation of location between centerline of spar cap and pitch axis is investigated, it realizes the optimum design of lamination structure for spar cap, which increases blade stiffness and reduces the weight, and also reduces the blade load, these lead to optimum design for structure. 
  • The lightning protection system utilizes “3+1”, which included three lightning receptor (PS and SS respectively), one tip receptor at blade tip, the maximum resistance of lightning system is smaller than 20m ohm, this kind of design can reduce the possibility of lightning strike.
  • The bonding area at root is designed as “┏”and“┛”structure, this design can increase the load bearing capability of bonding layer and maintain the blade weight, in the meantime it is good for bonding and positioning when closing the mould, which enhances the bonding effect. This kind of design has applied a patent and obtains notification of acceptance.
      Technology characters are as follows:
          Nominal power: 1.5MW        
          Blade length: 45.17m
          Max chord: 3.15m
          Swept area: 6746m2
          Wind class: IIIB/IVA           
          Temperature range: -30°C  +45°C
          Max Cp: 0.482   
          Cut-in wind speed: 3m/s
          Cut-out wind speed: 20m/s
          Nominal wind speed: 9.4m/s             
          Nominal rotation speed: 16.6
          Tip speed ratio: 10
      The product is accredited to design certification issued by Germany DEWI-OCC on 12th of October, 2012
      This blade is installed successfully at Lai’an, Anhui and Rongcheng, Shandong in 2012, and the measured annual power output is 7.68%~9.76% higher than 87 type machine. The blade is recognized and favoured by many wind turbine manufacturers.
      The blade has been supplied to three domestic customers up to now. The installation capacity has accumulated to more than 100 sets, with the orders of more than 400 sets. Many other customers have intention to order this product as well.
      This product is suitable for high altitude and low wind speed site, which will account for certain market share.
5. Product Name: Fiber Reinforce Plastic Carriage Board and Trailer Floor
    Exhibitor:Beijing Sinoma Composite Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

      Beijing Sinoma Composite Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has developed the first composite carriage board and trailer floor molding technology for heavy truck in China. It is used for manufacturing truck carriage and trailer under-tray. Composite carriage has the same loading capacity with metal carriage, and 30% lighter than metal carriage. It has the same assembly dimension and usage as metal carriage and could replace it equivalently.
      This carriage board and trailer under-tray can be produced and assembled in Beijing Sinoma Composite Auto Parts Co., Ltd. with annual capacity up to 10,000.
      The successfully development of high-tech composite carriage component pushes the light-weight progress of light weight truck carriage in our country, reaches international leading level in automobile lightweight tech of composite. This product is originated in the country with the following innovations:
  • Structure design of light weight composite board
      Sandwich and stiffened structure are used in the design. Through the analysis and optimization, complementation of structure is realized. With lighter deadweight of carriage part, the same capacity level and requirement with metal carriage is achieved.
  • Innovation design of asymmetric mixed carbon and glass fiber reinforced built-in beam
      In order to use the advantage of high load bearing of carbon fiber reinforced composite, develop the intermixed carbon and glass fiber reinforced composite loading beam, use it in the main structure of carriage. Use big tow of carbon fiber to reduce the cost, use single-side mixed pultrusion to play the advantage of carbon fiber. This structure could be applied in many other carriage boards and has vast development space.
  • Technological innovation of vacuum infiltration forming
      During the forming process of light weight carriage board, use improved vacuum bag forming technology which is called vacuum infiltration forming technology. It is an improved tech with resin moulding and vacuum aided as main method, especially applies to large and interlayer product. The efficiency of forming and rate of defect are better than traditional vacuum bag forming.
      Compared with former metal carriage, the loss of weight of carriage used this technology is 32%. The meantime, it has the same assembly dimension with metal carriage and could replace it equivalently. In the test, the biggest load is over 30t.
      The tensile strength of composite in the product is 1500MPa which is beyond the ordinary steel. Due to the good impact and rust prevention performance of composite board, it is predicted that the lifetime is more than 10 years in bad environment, but the metal carriage will be severely deformed in 3 years. Composite carriage is corrosion-resistant and ageing-resistant, need no paint finishing after forming, reduces pollution to the environment. Moreover, the lifetime of this product could be last longer through reproducing technology which has great benefit in economy, environment and ecology.
      The use of this carriage will fill the gap of application of composite material on heavy truck carriage in our country and increase the economic benefit of operation greatly, raise benefit room of transportation business, play an inestimable role in economic development. 
      As the country pays more attention on the control of overload, the period of making profit through overload has passed, consumers think more about rating load of commercial vehicle. Preliminary calculate shows that 40 to 60 thousands Yuan (cost of transportation) would be saved if 1000 kg is reduced in the deadweight of truck. One composite heavy truck realizes 2t of loss of weight, so 80 to 120 thousands Yuan would be saved. The extra cost of composite truck could be recovered in one year. This agrees with the operating mode of commercial truck and will bring bigger benefit to the owner, which indicates great market prospect.

 6.  Product Name: Carbon Fiber Composite Wire Products
      Exhibitor: Nanjing Loyalty Composite Equipment Manufacture Company
      Partner:Southeast China University
      Carbon Fiber Composite Wire (CFRP Rebar) is made from carbon fiber and epoxy resin. It can replace steel cable in concrete bridges, avoiding problems such as weakening load bearing of bridge resulted from steel erosion. It has been successfully applied in bridge structure reinforcement in such cases as: Hisho in Japan (1993), Bridge Street in USA (2002). 
       It marks domestically the first and internationally advanced in performance. Carbon Fiber Composite Wire is made by:
  • Bonding a certain number of small-in-diameter (7 mm) carbon fiber composite wires together.
  • Then to be cured with epoxy resin. It is similar in appearance with steel stranded wires. The largest diameter is up to 40mm. It has a greater tensile strength discreteness. Reference table:
    Elastic Modulus
    Elongation (%)
    Relaxation rate (%)
    Linear expansion coefficient (10-6 oC)
    Heat resistance (oC)
    Tensile strength (GPa)
    Fatigue strength (MPa)
    Acid resistance
    better than that of steel
    Alkali resistance
    The same as the steel
    Carbon wire performance metrics refer to the manufacturer information,strength of the anchoring method is adopted.
      CFRP rebar does not yield like steel rebar, the disadvantage of which could be made up by applying carbon fiber composite wire. Carbon fiber composite stranded wire production adopts an internationally innovative process, integrating pultrusion, winding and strand into one step. Double closed loop control system and multidimensional movement sensors control program.    As a result, the production efficiency is improved by up to 3~5 times; human labor requirement is reduced down to 1/12. Yarn tension can be controlled within the range of 0.08N, at present the most advanced technology can only control within 0.9 N. At the same time, it overcomes many technical difficulties, such as carbon fiber composite winding, tensile strength, and the production cost.
  • Our carbon fiber composite wire has reached internationally advanced level. Someof the achievements have been in the international leading level, and key performance indicators reach the advanced level of the same products abroad. This product is featured by high efficiency, light weight, convenient. It is used in emergency rescue and disaster relief, suitable for all kinds of disaster prevention and emergency rescue in China.
  • Our carbon fiber composite wire is featured by light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and is the first choice for marine environment construction.
  • This equipment reduces waste and environmental pollution.
  • The indirect economic benefits of the product proved to statistical output value of about 4 billion yuan, profit of about 340 million yuan.
      Carbon fiber composite wire has a significant market competitive advantage; it has been gradually applied in the domestic market, and exported to foreign countries. Our carbon fiber composite winding technology has reached international leading level.The technological process is short, which improve efficiency and has very high application value.
      In the future, carbon fiber composite wireswill have immeasurable economic and social benefits. Nowadays, carbon fiber composite wire products has gradually become a favorable choice of civil engineering construction, optimization of transmission lines, etc.

7. Product Name: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Eccentric Wear Prevention Countinuos Sucker Rod
     Exhibitor:Shengli Oil Field Xinda Guanye Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

      Carbon Fiber reinforced composite eccentric wear prevention continuous sucker rod is mainly used in the petroleum industry in order to solve the corrosion and eccentric wear of oilfield production problems. Compared with traditional metal rod, the product is better in corrosion resistant and eccentric wear resistance. It has less joint, less broken off probability, less piston effect, and is easier to operation. Production is in Dongying, Shandong Province where the Shengli Oilfield located.
     Carbon Fiber reinforced composite eccentric wear prevention continuous sucker rod uses the technology of injection molding and plastic extrusion innovatively to achieve the integration continuous molding, with the advantage of high strength combination, good dimensional stability, and high production efficiency.
      Our sucker rod have thermoplastics surface coating as wear layer, which offer excellent eccentric wear resistance. The product combines the superiority of thermosets and thermoplastics and achieves structural function integration.
      Compared with traditional metal sucker rod, the material of our sucker rod determines its excellent corrosion resistance.The rod is continuously, less joint, less broken off probability, less piston effect, and easier to operation;
      Compared with Fiberglass sucker rod, our sucker rod is continuously, less joint, less broken off probability, less piston effect, and easier to operation;
      Carbon Fiber reinforced composite eccentric wear prevention continuous sucker rod is inspected and tested according to SY/T 5029 "sucker" standard by Shengli Petroleum Administration Quality Supervision, the main technical indicators are as follows:
      Barcol hardness is 43; resin content is 19.2%; tensile strength is 2525MPa; tensile modulus of elasticity is 135GPa; break elongation ratio is 1.81%; bending strength is 1479MPa; bending modulus of elasticity is 121GPa; apparent horizontal shear strength is 82MPa.
      The products are recognized by Sinopec Northwest Oilfield Branch, Shengli Oilfield of Sinopec, Dagang Oilfield of CNPC, Shaanxi Yanchang Oilfield, and other major oilfields in the pilot stage.
      Currently, in petroleum industry rod pumping systems, metal rods are most common used; however, the metal rod scrap rate caused by corrosion and eccentric wear problems was 30%. 
      Carbon Fiber reinforced composite eccentric wear prevention continuous sucker rod achieves functions integrated, solved the corrosion and eccentric wear problem, prolonged the life of the rod. There are almost 100,000 pumping wells use sucker rods around the country, and nearly 20,000 wells are built in Shengli Oilfield. 
      It was calculated by average length of 1000m/well, and the domestic annual consumption is up to nearly 30 million meters, indicating a broad market prospect.

 8.  Product Name: Type 220kV Composite Tower for Power Transmission
      Exhibitor:Beijing Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
The innovation points:
  • Through the research on the tensile, flexural properties of different materials before and after the materials being impregnated with resin, some type of biological materials were adopted to the structural reinforcement layer;
  • Bionic design technology was used for design of the composite system to reduce the total weight while ensuring the strength requirements of tower body. At the same time, the producing cost is reduced and the service life is much longer;
  • Based on the achievement in research on connection point, whole composite hoops and tapered pipe insertion techniques were eventually selected as the connecting method, which were also testified by both the tensile and fatigue tests. It solves the problems of low efficiency, low reliability, and high cost of other traditional connectors.
      The 220kV composite tower product has passed all series of verification tests in China Electric Power Research Institute.
      Test conditions: temperature of 5-25 °C, relative humidity 30%, wind (wind speed) 4m/s, and the 4 operating conditions are as follows:
          Test 1: 0° wind force, 100% design load applied;
          Test 2: Install right wiring, other wires have been installed, 100% design load applied;
          Test 3: 90° winds force (overload), 200% design load applied;
          Test 4:.Accident breaking of wire, 100% design load applied.
      Results show that the system can fulfill all the conditions.
      The 220kV composite tower has been launched to network operation in the first half of the Liaoning Dandong Long Feng line since Jan. 2013 and has been operating perfectly.
      With the convenient installation and long service life, the system could significantly reduce the transmission line corridor width and the maintaining cost. Products have been used on the demonstration projects in Liaoning. It will be widely used for the area of coastal area or in complex pollution conditions.

Part 3 Process & Equipment 
  9.  Product Name: Automatic Placement Machine for Molded Grating
       Exhibitor: Nanjing Loyalty Composite Equipment Manufacture Company
       Partner: Nantong Power Plastic & Rubber Company
                       Nantong Shengshi FRP Products Company
      The equipment is used in the production of various kinds of FRP molded grills, and the manufacturing process is highly efficient and has low energy consumption.
      These grills are used in:
  • Building decoration (such as: building curtain wall, fence, doors, windows and etc.)
  • Industry (such as: chemical industry, drug manufacture, machine manufacture, paper manufacture and etc.)
  • Municipal (such as: bridge separation zone, modified block of the bridge, security check the slide, greening and etc.)
  • Others: pet house, poultry cage and etc.
      It marks domestically the first and internationally advanced in performance.
      Contrast figure:
Project Compare
Personnel requirements
Equipment capacity
Equipment yield
Equipment utilization rate of raw materials
This Equipment
2 people /10set
10pieces /set 24H
Other Domestic Equipment
40people /10set
5pieces /set 24H
      The table shows that the equipment has an advantage in the following aspects: production process, production efficiency, yield, and utilization rate of raw materials.
      The products produced by the equipment do not need to repair, and pollution to the production environment is almost zero.
      It uses the advanced complete set of servo drive control and electronic batching mixer for the glue system, and makes the product performance, creative reached a consensus. It solves Manual for plastic waste and pollution of the environment.
      Contrast figure:
Project Compare
Note the glue
This Equipment
Single layer laying at a time
Pneumatic pressure step by step, and lay out simultaneously
When laying synchronous note glue
Single lay down many times
After completion of laying secondary mechanical compression molding
Multipoint injection glue
      The table shows the production efficiency of this equipment is greatly raised. It uses laying note glue and the glue injection.
      The equipment is composed of mould, laying manipulator device, electronic batching glue supply system, and servo control system track displacement device.
The equipment production process: Shop yarn→ Single yarn shop→ Single injection glue→ Single pressure,after multiple sets of cycle to the next station, through rail displacement device to run to the next set of mold.
      This equipment adopts international advanced automatic laying machine for plastic pressure and electronic batching system. It solves such problems such as the glue is not uniform, large waste, bubbles, and different property between products. The molded grating automation technology is realized. To use this equipment to produce grille products, the yield can reach 99%, and labor force decreased by 90%. Compared with other domestic equipment the economic benefit increases by more than 10 times. It reduces waste of FRP and environmental pollution.
      This equipment solves the problems in the process of production, such as high energy consumption, poor operating environment, low yield, and unstable mechanical strength. It is widely accepted by the molded grating manufacturers. There is a large demand for our products, and it is expected that the annual output value will reach up to hundreds of millions. It marks domestically the first and internationally advanced in performance.
10. Product Name: High-Precision Epoxy RTM Injection Equipment
      Exhibitor:Beijing Hengjixing Composites Technology Co., Ltd.
      Since the professional RTM injection equipment deficiency, Epoxy resin could not be used to manufacture the high performance products with the RTM, VARTM and other processing techniques. Meanwhile, hand lay-up process cannot satisfy the customers’ technical requirements for the products. The autoclave process could meet the demands but the production cost is relatively high. The introduction of High-precision epoxy RTM Injection equipment is to realize the widely application of epoxy resin in the composites field including R&D, trial production and production of high-performance epoxy products. This professional equipment with excellent performance can ensure the injection technical parameters, such as high working temperature, exact dispensing ratio, high control precision of injection flow and high accuracy of injection pressure.
      At present, there is no similar equipment in domestic market, the High-precision Epoxy Injection equipment has filled the blank. Compared with the similar foreign equipment, our professional equipment has many advantages as follows:
  • Achieve higher speed of mixing/injection (Max.4L/min).
  • Continuous (no-intermit) mixing and injection to double the efficiency.
  • Realize automatic control of catalyst ratio adjustment (the equipment can automatically adjust the ratio based on the required ratio and density of resin & catalyst).
  • Cleaning more thoroughly and environmental-friendly by alternated cleaning of solution and compressed air; automatic cleaning is available.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance with stainless steel / PTFE material.
  • Higher automatic technology.
      There is no relevant authority in China that can detect the equipment. Compared with the similar foreign products, all specifications of this equipment are in a comparable or superior position. 
      The equipment has achieved many good comments from the end users including research institutes and universities. Currently a number of potential customers are looking forward to establishing the close cooperation with Beijing HJX.