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2021-09-03 14:35:00
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During Dec 25th-27th, 2021, the same days of the China Composites Expo 2021 (CCE2021), Automotive Composites Innovation Program (AIP) will be launched for the fifth year by the Organizing Committee of CCE2021.

Since 2017, when AIP was launched for the first edition, it has attracted a good stream of visitors and turned out to be the very highlight, which makes CCE an important platform for communication between Composites Industry and Automotive Industry home and abroad. For this year, AIP will continue to introduce those big innovations on products and technologies in automotive composites industry worldwide.

For now, we have invited big carmakers as Audi, Renault, JEEP, Changan Auto, NIO, GEELY, FAW; big Tier 1 suppliers as Faurecia, Voith, Valeo, Frimo, HRC, LG Hausys, Coleitec, Feize, etc; big raw material suppliers as Dupont, Arkema, Hexion, Owens Corning, Covestro, Ineos, Teijin, etc; Manufacturers as Krauss-Maffei, Dieffenbach, Engel, Fagor Arrasate, etc; Institutes as Fraunhofer ICT, ACTC, etc; Organization as VDMA. They will show to the visitors, by displaying innovations and delivering speeches, the current situation and future development of the world automotive composites industry.

We helped to explore the secret of composite use in BMW i3 (2017), to introduce System Integrated Multi-Material Lightweight Design for E-mobility from SMiLE Project (2018), to uncover the Aerodynamic and Acoustic Optimization of the Underbody of Fully Electrified Vehicles Audi E-tron (2019), and to introduce the achievement of National Science and Technology Major Project (2020).

We displayed more than 80 innovative automotive parts on site and 450 more on the I3p platform.

CCE2020, the concerns over whose delay or cancellation never ceased until its opening, was successfully held as planned from September 3rd-5th, at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, marking itself the first major composites event convened after the outbreak of COVID-19.

Same as the past four editions, the program this year will include three parts as follows:

Part One: Automotive Innovation Conference

Time Schedule: 9:30 am - 15:15 pm, Dec 26th
Location: Meeting Room No. 1, Underground B2, SWEECC 
Details: 7 Presentations, 35min/each(30min Speech + 5min Q&A)
Languages: Chinese/English
Food service: Buffet Lunch
Charge: USD 230/Person. Registers before Dec 1st can enjoy a 20% discount.
Deadline: Dec 20th, 2021.
Contact:  Zhang Jing: 86-10-68138951, zhangj@ccgc.com.cn
                Xu Ke: 86-10-68138939, xuk@ccgc.com.cn

To see the Registration Form at the end of the page. 

Conference Agenda:
Time Company Subject
9:30-10:05 Feize Practice and Consideration of Carbon Fiber Composite in Automotive Mass Production
10:05-10:40 Coleitec Investigations of CFRP at BiW Application and Process Technology for Volume Production
10:40-11:15 HRC CFRP Structural Parts Research and Mass Production Technologies Support the Automotive Lightweight Design in China
11:15-11:50 Fagor Arrsate Fully Automatized, Mass Production SMC Forming Line
13:30-14:55 VDMA Promoting Transformation- Impact of Automotive Electrification on the Industry
14:05-14:40 Hexion Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Material for Automotive Lightweight
14:40-15:15 Inovev How Automotive Electrification will Impact Automotive Composites
Conference Details:
Conference 1:
Practice and Consideration of Carbon Fiber Composite in Automotive Mass Production

Time: 9:30-10:05
Company: Langfang Feize Composites Technology Co., Ltd. Speaker: Dr. Chaobo XIN Position: General Manager
He is mainly engaged in structural lightweight and resin matrix composite molding process research, focusing on promoting the concept of composite structure design and manufacturing integration in the field of civil aircraft and automotive. With many years of professional theoretical research foundation and rich experience in composite material product development, management and mass production, he has been responsible for or involved in several major scientific research project, and has done a lot of research on the rapid, integrated, automated and low-cost manufacturing of composite structures, as well as new materials, new structures, new equipment, new processes and new methods of composite materials.

CFRP has a broad application prospect in the automotive field. Combined with the characteristics of the automobile industry, how to solve the quality, cost and efficiency problems involved in the application of CFRP in the automotive field? As a pioneer in the industry, Feize Composite will combine its own case of mass production for in-depth analysis, and a large number of first-hand data and practical cases will be revealed in this report.  

Conference 2:
Investigations of CFRP at BiW Application and Process Technology for Volume Production

Time: 10:05-10:40
Company: Hangzhou Coleitec Composites Technology Co., Ltd. Speaker: Dr. Bin WEI Position: CTO, Head of R&D Institute

Doctor, Technical University of Munich, Germany.
2009-2014: associate researcher, Institute of lightweight engineering, Munich University of technology, Germany;
2014-2016: R & D Engineer of body engineering department of Audi AG;
2016-2019: Senior manager of Weilai automobile German lightweight engineering center;
2020-2021: head of lightweight system integration of Geely Automobile German R & D engineering post center;
Since 2021: chief technology officer of Engineering Research Institute of Coleitec Composites Technology Co., Ltd.

CFRP is the excellent lightweight material. The application of CFRP at BiW can directly reflect the level of lightweight technology of vehicle, which also represents one of the core technologies of OEM. Based on the last decade development of vehicle lightweight technology, representative CFRP at BiW applications, their process technologies, and the main features are summarized and analyzed in this report. Facing to the vision of next generation vehicle with features of electrification, networking, intellectualization and sharing, the challenges and opportunities of CFRP at BiW and its industrialization technologies will be discussed.
Conference 3:
CFRP Structural Parts Research and Mass Production Technologies Support the Automotive Lightweight Design in China

Time: 10:40-11:15
Company: Technology Institute of HRC Speaker: Dr. Donghui SONG Position: Executive Vice President

Doctor of mechanical engineering, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany.
Being a body expert engaged in automobile R & D for a long time, he has worked asthe person in charge of accessories and closure module, chief engineer of body R & D project, etc, in companies including German Volkswagen, Austrian Magnasteyr Automotive Technology Company, Magna Steyr Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Ltd.. and other enterprises.

This report will focus on sharing some successful cases concerning “CFRP thermoplastic overmolding: lightweight design of seat frame”, “GFRP thermoset molding: lightweight design of truck leaf spring”, “Combination of CFRP and GFRP: lightweight design of battery box”, “CFRP supports the light weight design of body structure”, and “HRC CFRP structural parts design, performance analysis and mass production technologies”.  

Conference 4:
Fully Automatized, Mass Production SMC Forming Line

Time: 11:15-11:50
Company: Fagor Arrsate Shanghai Rep. Speaker: Peter WANG Position: Office Automotive BU Manager

Graduated in Southeast University with majored automation and MBA of Nanjing university. Be ever responsible for technical scenario business management related to automotive component manufacture system in German Metal Processing Machine Tool Group and in charge of project management in automobile industry for the subsidiary of MONGDRAGON Group in China. At present, supervise the domestic marketing and sales for FAGOR ARRASATE auto BU product line.

Up to now, SMC materials and SMC parts haven’t been widely used in automotive field. Materials cost has been recognized as one of the most important factors. At present, due to the limitations of other alternative materials and processes, SMC has become a practical option for lightweight applications. At the same time, SMC parts have to meet the requirements of standards in the automotive industry. This presentation is to show a fully automated, mass production line that will be able to manufacture SMC parts assuring high rates of quality, production capacity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness.    

Conference 5:
Promoting Transformation-Impact of Automotive Electrification on the Industry

Time: 13:300-14:05
Company: German Mechanical Engineering Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Speaker: Bin WEN Position: Deputy General Manager

In 2005, he joined the Beijing Representative Office of the German machinery and equipment manufacturing Federation, mainly responsible for the liaison work of VDMA German plastics and Rubber Machinery Association and VDMA German Textile Machinery Association in China.

This report will firstly introduce VDMA and German industry 4.0. Then it will focus on the impact of electric vehicles on automobile supply chains from a global and European perspective, regarding CO2 emission, global market development, and traditional & emerging industries.  

Conference 6:
Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Material for Automotive Lightweight

Time: 14:05-14:40
Company: Automotive Department, Hexion China Speaker: Thomas XU Position: Business Development Manager

Thomas Xu, received Polymer Chemistry and Physics master’s degree from Anhui University. Since 2012, has been engaged in the technical services and market development of thermoset composite materials for automotive lightweight applications, including polyurethane and epoxy material.

Lightweight could improve vehicles energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide footprint. Composite materials, as an important material for automobile lightweight, are attracting more attention and development in automotive industry. However, its high cost limits the use of composite materials. As an economical reinforcing material, glass fiber is widely used in a variety of composite materials, which is an important way to break through the cost limit of composite materials. This report combines success cases at in China and overseas market to discuss the application of glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin and phenolic resin composite materials for leaf springs and NEV battery covers.


Conference 7:
How Automotive Electrification will Impact Automotive Composites

Time: 14:40-15:15
Company: Inovev Speaker: Michel COSTES Position: CEO

  • For the last four decades, Michel COSTES has been working to support the development of an efficient sustainable automotive industry.
  • He is an expert in automotive construction and has actively participated to automotive innovation, from inside the automotive industry (in carmakers and suppliers), as well as an independent analyst (as head of its companies).
  • He created several companies and is the founder and president of Inovev, a leading service company dedicated to the automotive industry.
  • He has a strong experience in automotive composites.
  • He has managed in the eighties the engineering & development of the “Plastics Business unit” of Renault (focused at this time on SMC), has been the global director of automotive activities of the leading material company Rhône Poulenc.
  • He has created and is now managing the company Inovev, renowned for the quality of its service to worldwide automotive industry: analyses and support of innovations.

  • Abstract:
  • The market of electrified vehicles in the world, with a focus on China and Europe.
  • The need to decrease the weight for electrified vehicles.
  • The impact on parts of a replacement of a thermal motorization with an electric motorization: the parts which disappear, the parts which appear, the parts which are modified, the parts which remain untouched.
  • The opportunities for the automotive composites.

Part Two: Automotive Innovation Pole

Time: Dec 25th - 27th
Location: Hall No.2,SWEECC
Contents: ~ 20 innovative automotive parts/structures with diversified sources and applications
Details: Word Panels, videos will be displayed with above innovations
Part Three: Automotive Innovation Platform (I3P)
Contents: to include also those innovative automotive parts/structures which can’t displayed on the show due to the constraint of the size of the Venue
Targets: to offer a more comprehensive knowledge exclusively to CCE’s visitors about automotive composites innovation worldwide
Entrance: Official Website of China Composites Expo(www.cceshow.com)