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JEC Group and CCGC Join Forces to Promote the Composites Industry
Source:Organizer of China Composites Expo
2019-10-31 13:53:31
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原文: October 29th, JEC Group and China Composites Group Corporation have signed a partnership agreement to join forces in China to promote composite solutions throughout application industries and help sharing best practices and identify opportunities of development.

After more than 15 years of partnership organising the CCE – JEC Innovation Awards during the leading Composites trade show in China, CCE in September, JEC and CCGC sign an agreement to go even further in the coming years, sharing the same objectives, promoting composite materials and their applications through knowledge sharing, networking and innovation.

“JEC Group and CCGC have been cooperating for almost two decades, highlighting innovations and technological breakthroughs with the CCE-JEC Innovation Awards. Over the years we have developed a strong relationship, sharing the same objectives: to promote composite materials, enlarge their markets and their applications in many sectors. This extension of our partnership will support CCGC initiatives and will enable us to create new projects together as I strongly believe that joining common efforts and strategies will benefit to the overall composite industry in China and worldwide.”, stated Eric Pierrejean, JEC Group CEO.

“With the deepening of economic globalization, composite industry is eager for more international, cross-industry communication and cooperation. JEC Group is the world leading company dedicated to composite industry, organizing JEC World—the world’s biggest composite exhibition with longest history. JEC has made great contribution to the development and progress of composite industry worldwide.” CCGC’s Chairman Liu Biao stated, “We are very glad to enter into a new cooperation stage with JEC Group, which is also of great significance for carrying out of the international strategy of China Composites Expo (CCE). As the organizer of CCE, CCGC has long been dedicated to serving China’s composite market and pushing forward the development of China’s composite industry. With the mission to promote the innovation and application of composite material in a variety of industries, we believe our deepened mutual cooperation will certainly contribute to the further development and progress of China’s composite industry, and also establish a better platform for China’s composite companies to enter into the world market.”


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JEC Group
JEC Group is the world’s leading company dedicated entirely to the development of information and business connections channels and platforms supporting the growth and promotion of the composite materials industry. Publisher of the JEC Composites Magazine - the industry’s reference magazine, JEC Group drives global innovation programs and organizes several events in the world, including JEC World (the foremost and world-leading international exhibition dedicated to composite materials and their applications), which takes place every March in Paris.

China Composites Group Corporation Ltd. (CCGC)
China Composites Group Corporation Ltd., founded in 1988, is a high-tech industrial entity with registered capital of 350 million RMB. CCGC mainly involves in manufacturing and marketing of wind blades, carbon fiber, FRP pipes & tanks, new-type floorings, glass fiber mats, composite ships & boats, carbon fiber composite core cables, high-pressure cylinders and water treatment products. CCGC also involves in the development, design and transfer of products-related technologies and equipment, engineering construction and general contractor. CGCC is the organizer of China Composites Expo (September, Shanghai), the biggest composite exhibition in Asia-Pacific Region.