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Covestro opens VOCs testing facility in China
2018-06-22 13:41:16
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原文: materials manufacturer Covestro broadens its service capabilities.

The company invested several million RMBs to establish a testing laboratory dedicated to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in its ‘Polymer Research and Development Center’ (PRDC) in Shanghai. Testing of VOCs is crucial to closely monitor and prevent unwanted emissions from materials. With the new lab, the company can test the materials itself, more efficiently and in line with customer demands as well as increasing regulations.

With China on the way to an innovation-driven and high-quality-production economy, regulations also pick up. In the automotive industry, for example, China wants to become a global leader for electric vehicles with the highest quality. New regulations in various areas, for instance on the used interior materials, are thus imposed to achieve the desired quality and make products compatible on a global stage. Covestro delivers the quality for this leap – be it in polyurethane soft foam for the seats or in coatings for the interior surfaces. The company applies the same standards to its products in all its facilities around the world and to all its customers. With the new VOCs lab in Shanghai, it can apply those standards in China now even more efficiently.

“With this facility, we combine the know-how of formulating our products as well as testing them under one roof,” said Dr. Christian Haessler, Head of PRDC for Covestro. “That brings us one step closer to being a total solution provider and enables us to react swiftly to customer demands as well as changing regulations with regards to VOCs.”

Especially for the automotive industry, create a better in-car experience - and thus monitor VOC-emissions closely - is essential for consumers. With its new facility, Covestro can do the testing and the application development all at once. The former process of sending samples to external testing facilities that had no formulation capacity is thereby omitted. This enables an ever-closer alignment between Covestro and its customers, establishing VOCs testing at the beginning of the value chain instead of at the very end. Only already thoroughly tested products get sent out externally to acquire the needed final certification. This saves feedback loops and valuable customer’s time and shows Covestro’s strong commitment to serving customer’s needs. 文章来源: