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China’s Rocket Academy and BYD to develop honeycomb structure and composite material strategic cooperation
2018-05-15 11:07:46
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原文: Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT) and the Chinese new-energy vehicles manufacturer BYD have decided to carry out strategic cooperation.

The technical exchanges and in-depth collaboration will cover four fields, including honeycomb structure and composite materials as well as new materials in the direction of car body lightweight development and application. At the same time, both sides will continuously promote new energy vehicles and components, rail cloud services, commercial aerospace and other fields of in-depth cooperation.

CALT is China's largest missile weapon and launch vehicle development and production base, with advanced space technology in terms of design, materials, and control. The Academy has also achieved notable results in the aspect of civil-military integration, a domain the cooperation with BYD aims at further strengthening. 文章来源: