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China national aramid fiber center established in Yantai
2013-05-20 10:00:00
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原文: center is the fourth research institution established by National Engineering Technology Research Center in Yantai city.Aramid fiber is the key basis material that supports the emerging strategic industries development of defense, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, and new materials.There are two most practical Aramid fiber varieties. One is the MPIA (poly-m-phenylene isophthalamide) with a jagged molecular chain arrangement, known as Aramid 1313 in China's. Another is PPTA (poly-p-phenylene terephthamide) with linear molecular chain arrangement, known as aramid 1414 in China.The formation of the national Aramid Fiber Engineering Research Center is of strategic significance to the national security, the development of aramid fiber industry cluster and to the competitiveness in the fierce international market.About Yantai Tayho Advanced Material:Tayho is located in Yantai City, Shandong province that covers an area of 260000 square meters with more than 1200 employees and a total asset of about 2 billion Yuan (US$ 333 million). It is mainly engaged in the spandex, MPIA, PPTA, chemical raw materials R&D and production. It is also the author of China's spandex, aramid fiber industry national and industry standards with a national high performance aramid fiber mobilization center inside the company.The company has developed the MPIA production technology with a capacity ranks second in the world. Tayho currently occupies more than 60% of the domestic MPIA market share in China. 文章来源: