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Kangde and Tengdun Technology have signed a carbon fiber drone project agreement
2018-01-30 14:32:22
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原文: Composites Co. Ltd. and Sichuan Tengdun Technology Co. Ltd. have signed a project launch agreement and formally opened the project trial of a drone. By mutual agreement, the first sample will be delivered at the end of March 2018.

On December 17th, 2017 was held China's first THX Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Application Development Conference in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The conference was seen as an important move for the promotion of the civil aviation industry development. At the meeting, Kangdefucai and Tengdun Technology formally signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Just one month later, the two sides signed the launch of the drone project.

Tengdun Technology is a Chinese high-tech company jointly created by aviation technology experts and large state-controlled investment companies. It gathers more than 20 national top experts and 100 cutting-edge technicians, committed to the research, development, manufacturing and flight tests of intelligent flight vehicles. 文章来源: