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KDX and BAIC lay the foundations of a new energy vehicle carbon project in Changzhou
2017-11-14 08:47:58
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原文: Changzhou, a Chinese city situated in the Eastern Jiangsu Province, a ceremony was held recently to implement a "new energy vehicle carbon fiber body and components project".

To finance the project, KDX Group, BAIC Group and Changzhou Hi-tech Group have jointly invested CNY 12 billion (US$ 1.8 billion). Divided into three phases, it plans to produce annually 6 million pieces. The first phase will begin in June 2019 when the factory will be put into operation.
Zhong Yu, chairman of KDX Group recalled that in 2014, his visit to Germany opened the course of China-Germany innovative cooperation to build a lightweight eco-platform for carbon fiber. “Three years later, on June 1, 2017, with Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Germany again, I briefed the two Prime ministers on the fruitful achievements of the past three years, and reported that the lightweight eco-platform has been successful”, Zhong Yu said.

The eco-platform includes the ZAX carbon fiber body and parts manufacturing plant, located in Langfang, Hebei province. According to Zhong Yu “with a total investment of CNY 3 billion (US$ 450 million), the plant will produce annually 50,000 new energy vehicles carbon fiber bodies and 1.5 million carbon fiber parts, technologies including Hp-rtm, Surface-rtm, Wet Pressing, C-SMC, PCM.”

« Our carbon fiber lightweight ecological platform has been recognized by the world's leading manufacturers : BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BAIC, NIO, Volvo, SAIC, Dongfeng, Guangzhou Automobile, Changan, Geely Automobile and 57 other car companies are willing to expand cooperation to jointly promote the development of new energy vehicles lightweight”, Zhong Yu asserted.

In 2016, China's new energy vehicles cumulative production rose to 517,000 vehicles, while the sales reached 507,000 vehicles, ranking first in the world.

The Yangtze River Delta region has become an important layout base for China's new energy vehicles. According to incomplete statistics, among the 30 cities forming the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, 14 cities have been or are planning to implement a new energy vehicle project, and there are currently 20 new energy vehicle projects in progress. The cumulative planned capacity reaches 2.8 million vehicles and the cumulative planned investment CNY 71.5 billion (US$ 11 billion). 文章来源: