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China’s Kangde Composites and BAIC Motor sign carbon fiber auto parts production order
Source:Kangde Composites
2017-04-20 09:28:18
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原文: China’s Kangde Composites and BAIC Motor Corporation have signed a carbon fiber auto parts production engagement, “the first carbon fiber auto parts production project in China”, according to Kangde Group, whose president Zhong Yu along with BAIC Motor president Xu Heyi made the announcement.

“The implementation of the project for both BAIC Motor and Kangde Composites is of epoch-making significance, as no mass production of carbon fiber auto parts had ever been undertook in China before, and no Chinese supplier had ever met the requirements of carbon fiber auto parts production, said the statement. Meanwhile, this project indicates that the carbon fiber lightweight technology developed by China’s automotive industry has entered a new era and the Chinese carbon fiber production has entered the Industry 4.0 stage.”

Ecological platform for CFRP
Recently, jointly with its controlling shareholder Kangde Investment Group, Kangdexin Composite Material Group (KDX) has announced the setup of an ecological platform for CFRP for the mainstream market of new energy automotive – a result of a joint effort between Chinese and German industries.
In addition to the KDX Europe Composites R&D Centre and KDX-Roding Europe Automobile Design Centre, the platform includes two major plants: ZAX Technology (ZAX) and Kangde Composites (KDC), as well as mass production technical support from Fritzmeier Group.
Opened in August 8, 2016 in Langfang in the Chinese province of Hebei, ZAX announces an annual capacity of 5,100 tons of high performance carbon fiber - the largest capacity in China, providing reliable and critical material support for the industrial ecological platform.
Moreover, the KDC plant, core of the value chain, has an annual capacity of 1.5 million CFRP parts. Adopting new-generation techniques of HP-RTM, Surface-RTM, Wet-Pressing and CF-SMC, the new plant offers a strong guarantee to promote productivity for the new energy automotive market, according to KDX.

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