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SI Group will establish a new phenolic resin factory in Nanjing
2012-07-11 13:43:17
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SI Group declared a $ 30 million investment on a new phenolic resin factory in Nanjing Chemistry Industry Park. The initial annual capacity is expected to be 30,000 tons, followed by an expansion to 70,000 tons. The factory is planned to run into operation at May, 2013, supplying bulk, slate, liquid and powder phenolic resin to rubber, abrasive, eraser, impregnation and refractory material producers. Choosing Nanjing as its location, where world-class supporting facilities, professional technicians, good logistics and convenient transportation of raw material are highly integrated, was a comprehensive consideration for clients’ demands and business convenience.

The company recently announced to open its factory in Songjiang to the public, where its modern rubber and industrial phenolic resin application laboratory, applying the most advanced technology, is located. The laboratory, costing an overall investment of 1.5 million US dollars, soon became an International Standard maker of resin-related products after its establishment, further consolidating SI Group’s status as a technological innovator and industrial pioneer. 文章来源: