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Winners of CCE-JEC Innovation Award 2019
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2019-10-08 09:02:03
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原文:http://www.chinacompositesexpo.com/en/news-detail-129-8646.htmlIn order to boost technology innovation and energy saving in Chinese composite industry, to promote new products development and application, a new products area had been established since 2003 at China Composites Expo, especially the CCE-JEC Innovation Awards became a highlight when it was set up in 2005. For the 15th year in a row, the CCE-JEC Innovation Awards Programme was a huge success.

For 2019, 12 composites solutions were rewarded for their innovation by the jury. For the 2019 edition, the winners are...

  • Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite organo sheet - Kingfa Carbon Fiber Materials Development

This organo sheet is used for automotive parts such as automobile door panels, anti-collision beams, seat frames, etc., instead of metal parts. The organo sheet is made of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite and can be processed into a hybrid structure by molding-injection together with fiber reinforced modified plastic. It is used for automobile door panels, anti-collision beam, seat frame and the like parts. The Weight saving can reach more than 30%. It has extremely high impact resistance, high molding efficiency, and the processing cycle is within 1~2min.

  • UV curing prepreg and its construction technology - Sino Polymer

Sino Polymer develops Merican relining system for in-service steel fuel tank in gasoline station to improve working environment in limited space, lower VOC, less labor strength and less curing time. Sino Polymer develops Merican series UV curing prepreg for anti-corrosion purpose. UV curing prepreg owns 5 obvious properties: based resin can be unsaturated polyester resin or vinyl ester resin; Using UV curing technology to initiate the curing of base resin; Impregnated in workshop, it owns longer shelf life; The first prepreg which based on anti-corrosion purpose with longer shelf life; Cured sheeting owns better properties than laminates with traditional process.

  • One way air permeability membrane BM9130 - Leadgo Tech

BM9130 is a one-way air permeability membrane, which is covered with microholes. During the vacuum assisted process, small molecules of trapped air and gas can be reliably removed, while the large-molecule resin stays stable in the mould, and control homogeneous fiber volume content. It has been widely used in the vacuum assisted process. It is suitable for use in curing systems, polyester and epoxy systems.

  • BYK C8013 coupling agent - BYK Additives

BYK-C 8013 is a coupling agent for carbon fibers. The additive is used in vinyl ester and unsaturated polyester resins that will be subsequently processed with carbon fibers into composite components. Strengths transverse to the fiber are considerably increased and therefore enable a greater design freedom. BYK-C 8013 shows a considerable increase in mechanical strengths particularly in hot curing processes such as SMC/BMC, pultrusion, prepreg or RTM.

  • Large size tubular composite for bearing beam - Hiwing Materials

The large size tubular composite for bearing-beam is a primary load-carrying structure of a solar power unmanned aerial vehicle, and it is the first large-size tubular composite that passed the NDT which is made with the domestic high modulus carbon fibers. The bearing-beam is all made of carbon fiber reinforced resin composite, and the length and the internal diameter are 9 meters and 196mm. Reinforcement zones are distributed along the axial and the circumferential directions on the outer side of the tubular composite and it is centrosymmetric.
  • 5G radome cover - Nanjing Fiberglass Research & Design Institute

The 5G radome cover is made with 3D fiberglass fabric. The 3D fabric is a kind of reverse interweaving structure developed by Sinoma based on one project of the National Defense Science and Technology Bureau, and its structural design and manufacturing technology achieved international advanced level. At present, we can design and produce for different frequency band, structure size and surface requirements of different operators, with develop ability of customized production. The company can provide radar radomes with different frequency bands, wide-band transmission, millimeter wave, high phase consistency requirements, small beam pointing deviation, or extra high wind load requirements. This type of radome can be widely used in 5G communication, weather forecasting and signal detection, etc.

  • Pickup box made by SMC composites - CSP Victall Structural Composites

The product 01000 with FAW 10g/sqm, RC50%, areal weight 20g/sqm,is developed in 2016, and put into batch production in 2017. It is now a thin and light in the domestic existing prepreg products. It is applicable to pickup truck model, mass production model and new development model. It not only brings the advantages of weight reduction/reduction to the automobile factory, also can meet the demand of consumption upgrading of pickup users.

  • LZ76 3.X CFRP structural wind turbine blade - Lianyungang Zhongfu lianzhong Composites Group

The blade length is 75.8m with maximum chord of 4.7m, pre-bending of 4.5m, bolt circle diameter of 2.8m. Maximum aerodynamic efficiency Cpmax is 0.481, blade mass is 18.3t, and center of gravity from blade root is 22.8m. The product has good aerodynamic performance and can be widely applied to 2.8MW~4.5MW wind turbines in plain, plateau, mountainous area, low wind speed and other onshore wind fields.

  • High stiffness and large slenderness ratio carbon fiber roll shaft - Zibo Langda Composite Material

Compared with similar products, the main mechanical properties of the product are increased by 30% and the weight is reduced by 15%, meanwhile the amount of high modulus fiber material consumption is obviously decreased and the manufacturing cost is apparently reduced by optimizing the structural design. The roll shafts are wildly used as the key part of the papermaking machines, ultra-wide & ultra-thin film machines, etc.

  • Insulation tank for carrier rocket launching at sea - Shanghai FRP Research Institute

The insulation tank consists of a variety of composite unit parts. It has a length of about 7m, a width of about 3m and a height of about 3m. Through the integration design of “electrical-structure-process-materials-mold tooling”, and using the structure of composite sandwich reinforced with the skeleton, it is made into a sealed box type cabin structure with high electromagnetic properties, mechanical properties and weather resistance. This product is used for the thermal insulation of off-shore launching rockets, which can save rocket fuel, increase rocket payload, realize the longer distance use of the equipment, and reduce the cost of the carrier rocket launch and operation.

  • Composite antenna pressure proof cover - Harbin FRP Research Institute

The composite antenna pressure proof cover is a conformal composite pressure proof cover with sandwich antenna. The pressure proof cover is a composite cylindrical shell with a metal flange at one end and a spherical head at one end. It integrates structure and function and plays an important role in bidirectional transmission of electromagnetic signals, voltage protection and carrier loading of various communication equipment.

  • Aerobook structure and stress rapid iterative design platform - Shanghai Aerobook Industrial

Aerobook is a new generation of aviation composite materials (including metal materials) structure and stress rapid iterative design platform based on several dozens of aviation consulting design project processes and customer research and development requirements. It is developed with Python and TCL/TK language, and has an interface with Catia, Nastran, HyperWorks and other software. The Aerobook platform currently includes the Fembook aviation structure FEM modelling module, the Fiberbook composite structure design optimization module, the Aerocheck composite structure strength checking module and so on, which can help engineers to complete the multi iterations composite stacking and joint optimization from the preliminary design to the detailed design. The iterative design of the structure ensures the R&D timeline and gives the optimal design.