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Welcome to the Automotive Composites Conferences at CCE 2017
Source:Organizing Committee of CCE
2017-07-25 10:56:35
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Time:        9:15-16:30, Sept. 6th, 2017
Location: No.1 Meeting Room, Underground B2, SWEECC

Organizer:       China Composites Expo
Co-Organizer:Inovev (France)

Background: As one of the Automotive Composite Day Series Activities in CCE.
Targets: To know the latest developments from Europe and US about Automotive Composites
Speakers: Carmakers, Tier 1 Suppliers, Raw Materials & Equipment Suppliers, Universities and Institutes.
Details: 7 Presentations, 45min/each(30min Speech + 10min Q&A + 5min Break)
Languages: English/Chinese, Simultaneous Interpretation
Food service: Buffet Lunch (1) and Tea break (1)
Charge: USD 230/Person. Registers before August 15th can enjoy a 20% discount.
Deadline: August 25th.
Zhang Jing: 010-68138951, zhangj@ccgc.com.cn
Xu Ke: 010-68138939, xuk@ccgc.com.cn
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Automotive Consultation and Service

Michel Costes


Keynot: Think Automotive, Think Composites, Think Future! More Composites, Better Cars


PSA Group


Emmanuel Fayon

Body and Cockpit Semior Engineer

Towards Lightweight Vehicles: Design and Technology Stakes


Munro & Associates

Automotive Lean Design

Sandy Munro


BMW i3 Carbon Fibre Secrets Revealed





Tier 1 Supplier

Guillaume Chambon

Head of Product R&L and Development

Composites: Optimal Technologies to Current and Future Stakes


Du Pont

Advanced Materials

Miles Wang

Automotive Marketing Manager for China

Composites for Underhood Parts






Composites and Equipment

Laurent Poisson / Damien Guillon


Export technologies and sales director / Composite Design Expert


The Ultimate Manufacturing System in Lightweight Technology



Advanced Composites and Process

Maxime Kowalski

Composite Activities Manager

High Cadency Composites Manufacturing

Also as part of the Series activities, the organizer will showcased 22 Automotive Composites Parts from Europe and US carmakers, in the Automotive Composites Pole in Hall No.2. This marks the first time that CCE joins hands with the Automotive Industry. Word panels and video will be displayed there. Also, there will be guides to explain questions and answer requests.
For those parts miss the chance to show at the event, the organizer will put them (more than 100) on the Internet Platform “i3p”. Visitors of China Composites Expo can get free access to these innovations through the entrance put on CCE Homepage (www.cceshow.com).
The target of the Conferences is to activate interactions between China Composite Industry and World Automotive Industry. As we have more stringent policy on environment protection, the automotive industry is in urgent needs for advanced lightweight and high-strength materials. China will be the biggest automotive market in the world. Thus it will surely become a big market for composites application.Access to Conferences is only for early registers. We are glad to have all you interested to attend this event.


Conference 1: Keynote: Think Automotive, Think Composites, Think Future! More Composites, Better Cars

Time: 9:30-10:15

Company: Inovev

Speaker: Michel Costes

Position: CEO


For the last four decades, Michel COSTES has been working to support the development of an efficient sustainable automotive industry.
He is an expert in automotive construction and has actively participated to automotive innovation, from inside the automotive industry (in carmakers and suppliers), as well as an independent analyst (as head of its companies).
He created several companies and is the founder and president of Inovev, a leading service company dedicated to the automotive industry.
He has a strong experience in automotive composites.
He has managed in the eighties the engineering & development of the “Plastics Business unit” of Renault (focused at this time on SMC), has been the global director of automotive activities of the leading material company Rhône Poulenc.
He has created and is now managing the company Inovev, renowned for the quality of its service to worldwide automotive industry: analyses and support of innovations. 

Automobile is moving at high pace, pushed by:
- New geopolitics: China has become in one decade the first automotive market in the world;
- New environment: Paris accord, depollution of large cities;
- New behaviours: car sharing, soft transportation, public transport;
- New technologies: electrification, ADAS, connectivity, support of car sharing;
Materials choice is a key element of the design and engineering of a car.
It conditions the weight, safety, comfort and cost of the vehicle.
A major trend is the smart use of a mix of materials.
Composite materials are very well positioned to respond to the challenges of the future:
GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics) for mass-production cars and CFRP (Carbon Fibre cars) for Premium cars.
This lecture is presented in connection with display of innovative automotive parts on the “Automotive Innovation Pole”.

Conference 2: Towards Lightweight Vehicles: Design and Technology Stakes

Time: 10:15-11:00

Company: PSA Group

Speaker: Emmanuel Fayon

Position: Body and Cockpit Engineer


18 years of Body Engineering experience.
-2002 – 2006: Exterior Trim Lead Engineer on project
-2006 – 2010: Exterior Trim Engineering Manager
-2010 – 2014: Body in white Engineering Manager
-2014 – 06/2017: Body and cockpit pre-project Engineering Manager
-From 06/2017: Mission in DongFeng Motor for new platforms in cooperation with PSA. 

PSA vision for the future of light car for high volume production goes through different steps; first the design optimization, second the implementation of aluminium, and then, the use of composite.As mainstream worldwide car OEM, PSA manage the average weight of its products with attention and plan to go on saving weight from a generation to another. In order to reduce the average weight of the cars, all tracks are explored: design optimization, aluminium and composite implementation. So far, the first technological step stands as aluminium until composite become competitive for high volume production. Actually, in one hand, composite is already competitive for a few specific technical perimeters: tailgate and rear floor. In the other hand, there is still some way for composite to be competitive in a larger area of products.


Conference 3: BMW i3 Carbon Fibre Secrets Revealed

Time: 11:00-11:45

Company: Munro & Associates

Speaker: Sandy Munro

Position: CEO


Sandy Munro a winner of Lawrence Technology University “ Innovators of the Year” and also a winner of Corp Magazines “Michigan Bright Spots” is a frequent speaker and advisor to some of the world's top executives on implementing cultural change through innovative development strategies and increased factory productivity. Sandy is titled a visionary and master innovator by NASA’s Dr Bruce Homes. Munro was a friend of Dr. W Ed Deming who recommended that he start his own company. Munro established his company in 1988 and focuses its attention on profit improvement through innovative thinking, cutting edge materials and processes, and the application of empirically proven methods; not professor theories, financial trickery or outsourcing. Munro has two benchmarking facilities in the USA and a third coming to China in Shenzhen where products are reengineered utilizing the Munro Design Profit® software. Munro & Associates is recognized, worldwide, as a premier award winning consulting firm.

Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates, Inc. will discuss the material and lightweighting findings from his company’s extensive teardown of the BMW i3. Munro will share the BMW i3’s notable use of carbon fiber, including the manufacturing of the vehicle’s carbon fiber life module.Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates, Inc. will discuss the material and lightweighting findings from his company’s extensive teardown of the BMW i3. During his informational discussion Munro will share the BMW i3’s notable use of carbon fiber, including key aspects such as the manufacturing of the vehicle’s carbon fiber life module, its polymer components, recyclability and safety. According to Munro, with its extensive use of carbon fiber, the BMW i3 introduced material and process technologies that have the ability to radically change the automotive manufacturing sector, as well as the aircraft, high-speed train, household appliance, computer and cell phone industries. During his presentation, Munro will discuss what his company’s extensive teardown and costing analysis uncovered and how it can be applied to future manufacturing processes and applications. The BMW i3 study marks the first time Munro reports were made available for public distribution.

Conference 4: Composites: Optimal technology to current and future stakes.



SpeakerGuillaume Chambon

PositionHead of Product R&I and Development



Head of Product R&I and Development, Faurecia Composite Technologies, to present
Head of Product Research & Advanced Simulation, Faurecia Automotive Exteriors, until July 2016
Head of CAE & Validation for South Europe Division (Faurecia Automotive Exteriors) until 2014
Structural CAE Leader for South Europe Division (Faurecia Automotive Exteriors) until 2009
Crash Simulation Engineer (Eurosim) until 2006
Education: Master’s Degree in Engineering (General Product and Structure Design) from the « Institut Français de Mécanique Avancée », in Clermont-Ferrand, France (2003)     
Noteworthy Achievements:
JEC award, innovation of the year 2016 for “Composite oneshot process for visible parts”
Several Patents regarding front bumpers & rear bumpers regards to Crash compatibility

Composite is quite a new technology at the industrial history level (compared to metal industry) and has several advantages (weight saving, tailored design, function integration…) to become the material of the future. Nevertheless in order to gain full acceptance, further improvement are still needed. We can in particular note:
-Product cost savings: mainly by consolidating functions
-Material cost decrease
-Development of new processes
-Development of an engineering chain

Conference 5: Composites for Underhood Parts

Time: 13:45-14:30

Company: Du Pont

Speaker: Miles Wang

Position: Automotive Marketing Manager for China



With M.S and B.S in polymer sciences and engineering, Miles Wang has over 19 years’ research, new application development, technical service, business development and marketing experience in performance polymer industry for multi-national companies. He began his career with DuPont as processing leader in Engineering Polymers in 2005, and then he took Technical Program Manager roles focusing on application development. In 2010 he was named Technology manager of Corporate Automotive Center, and he led the setup of automotive components lab and automotive related application development with different business and functions. In 2014 he was moved to DuPont Performance Polymers and take the role of regional technical service manager (APEJ), and in the same year he was named Regional Business Development Manager for consumer electronics to lead the business development activities in the region.
He was named Automotive Marketing Manager for DuPont Performance Materials China in June 2015.

This presentation will focus on a new approach of light weighting with a specific look at an engine oil pan. We will present the different parameters which influence the costs and the technical performance of the part.
Due to more stringent regulations to improve air quality, light weighting is an important topic in automotive industry. Powertrain parts, like oil pan, have seen a huge increase of injected plastics use. With thermoplastic composite, a next step can be achieved.
In the first part of the presentation, we will describe these new materials and associated processes.
A cost comparison with an injected thermoplastic oil pan will be shown with a specific focus on cycle time reduction and scrap reduction.
In the second part of the presentation, we will describe the technical support that was needed to ensure the success of this project.

Composites 6: The Ultimate Manufacturing System in Lightweight Technology


Time: 15:00-15:45

Company: PEI-Pinette/CETIM

Speaker: Laurent Poisson / Damien Guillon

Position: Export technologies and sales director / Composite Design Expert



Laurent Poisson is an expert of tooling equipment.
He has both a technical and commercial (degree in international commerce) background.
Very soon he orientated his career towards the tooling equipment and works for PEI-Pinette (a leading tooling manufacturer) since 1989.
Consequently he has acquired a more than 25 year experience in hydraulic presses and automatic production lines for the automotive industry.
Speaking fluently the 3 main languages used in Europe (English, German and French), he has got an excellent view of automotive developments all around Europe.
He has been an actor of the development of the QSP process:
One minute Thermoplastic multi-thickness layer preform assembly,
sourced from a co-development between PEI-Pinette and technical centre CETIM

The challenge for the mass-production automotive industry is to benefit from the lightness of composites but at low cost.  The present lecture presents a new way to produce a net shape composite part in one minute.
The challenge for the mass-production automotive industry is to benefit from the lightness of composites at low cost.
Several developments have been and continue to be carried out in this objective.
They relate to:
- Materials: in particular use of thermoplastics reinforced by glass fibres.
- Tooling: automation of the entire production line, from preform assembly to netshape.
As small 40s to 90s cycle times can now be reached, paving the way for mass-production of composites for the automotive industry.
The present lecture present the industrial results of a development carried out jointly by a leading tooling manufacturer (PEI-Pinette) and a technical centre (CETIM).


Conference 7: Fast RTM: High Cadency Composite Manufacturing  

Time: 15:45-16:30

Company: IRT M2P

Speaker: Maxime Kowalski

Position: Composite Activities Manager



Since 2014 Composite activities manager at IRT M2P
From 2010 - 2014 - PhD in mechanics and composite materials (University of Lille)
In 2010 - Graduated from French Engineering schools (ENSAIT and ENSAM) in mechanics, materials and processes.

Fast RTM is an industrial scale platform, whose goal is to demonstrate the feasibility of mass-produced structural composite automotive parts, using reactive C-RTM process. Thanks to an automated environment (loading and unloading) and especially developed cutting edge equipments, the “Fast RTM” platform is able to realise, in cycle time of 120s, large (up to 3 m²), fully net-shape, functionalised and structural composite parts. To ensure traceability and quality of the produced parts, this platform is also fully instrumented with automatic data acquisition, process parameters traceability, energies consumption measurement systems and on-line non-destructive control systems.

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