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2016 CCE-JEC Innovation Award-Process & Equipment
Source:China Composites Expo Committee
2016-09-05 18:09:36
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原文:http://www.chinacompositesexpo.com/en/news-detail-129-3629.html1.Product Name: Portable Thermal Wave Imaging Composite Inspection System
    Exhibitor: Nanjing Novelteq Co., Ltd.
    Partner: Nanjing University

Our technology and product can serve in many industrial areas, such as new materials, new energy, aerospace, defense, rail transport and biological medicine. It adopts state-of-the-art thermal wave nondestructive technology, and could detect and clearly visualize delamination, voids and inclusion defects in various composite components. Compared with similar foreign products, our product has several advantages, such as lighter weight, lower power consumption, and is more portable.

The company holds all core components and the proprietary technology required for making thermal wave nondestructive testing equipment. The manufacturing localization makes production free from restrictions set by foreign suppliers. At present, the company has developed a variety of equipment that can be used in different areas. Some specifications and performances have exceeded foreign products.