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2016 CCE-JEC Innovation Award-New Application
Source:China Composites Expo Committee
2016-09-05 18:07:45
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原文:http://www.chinacompositesexpo.com/en/news-detail-129-3628.html1. Product Name: Composite Material Highway Guardrail (A level)
    Exhibitor: Guangzhou Kingfa Carbon Fiber Materials Development Co., Ltd.

This product replaces the existing steel W-beam guardrail with composite material plate to achieve functions of the guardrail. Composites plate is made of continuous glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics (CFRTP).

Innovation points:

1) The energy absorption ratio of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites is about 250 kJ/m2, which is 10 times higher than that of metals.

2) Innovation of continuous lamination process-a continuous double-belt laminator.

The safety performance of the product meets level 3 of grade A requirements. And the mechanical properties were examined to be great.

The CFRTP guardrail has been demonstrated in the road applications of Guangdong and Chengdu Shuangliu, and received , and received recognition of its customers.

2. Product Name: Polyurethane Composite Truss Tower Head
    Exhibitor: Wuhan University of Technology and Wuhan Nari LLC of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute

The product can be used on 500 kV power transmission lines. They have greater electrical insulation performance, smaller tower structure, shorter cross arm, narrow transmission corridor width, anti-icing and lighter weight compared with the traditional power transmission steel-truss tower.

Using fiber reinforced polyurethane resin composite profiles, the mechanical properties, electric insulation resistance and aging resistance performance have been improved efficiently. The connected nodes are fixed by double faced composite splint and used metal screws to link together. After testing, all technical indexes meet the requirements of the use of power transmission truss tower. This product has been developed successfully for the first time in China, and has been set up and brought into operation in Dandong City, Liaoning Province in China.

Technical indicators: Size: 14.2 m of tower head, 2.75 m of bottom width, 15.25 m of line corridor width; Voltage levels: 500 kV; Bending moment: 418.73 kN•m; Torque: 189 kN•m; Maximum down force: 20 tones.


3. Product Name: Carbon Fiber Brackets for Gas Cylinders
    Exhibitor: Harbin FRP Institute

Gas cylinder brackets are first time used in the field with the reduced weight of about 1/3 compared with metal counterparts. T700 prepreg was laid up in one-piece molding process, combining the hydraulic pressure machine and bolts in the process of closing mould, which effectively provides the perfect solution to fiber laying consistence of special-shape composite parts and significantly improves the products’ performance. At present, there have been none of such products reported in China.

It’s the first time that conventional metal parts were replaced by CFRP for gas cylinders brackets in China, and the light-weight effect and structural stability were obviously improved. The product meets both the loading and designing requirements, and has been accepted and recognized by customers.


4. Product Name: The Integrated Prefabrication Pump Station System
     Exhibitor: Lianyungang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Co. Ltd.

The integrated prefabrication pump station system is a straight and highly competitive pump monitoring and management system, particularly for monitoring treatment facilities used for water supply and sewage and water pump equipment used for irrigation facility. It can reduce the on-site inspection demands of water pump and can also notice the regulators directly when emergency occurred. The integrated prefabrication pump station has intelligent protection functions, such as fault self-detection, self-protection, data remote transmission, automatic storage, automatic alarm, manual intervention, telnet level-to-level administration, etc., so as to realize intelligent control, unattended operation, GPRS remote control.

The integrated prefabrication pump station system has the following advantages: fewer land occupation, highly-integrated technology, shorter construction period, more convenient installation and maintenance, and longer service life.

The development of underground integration pump station is a huge step in the area of water supply and drainage technology, and also the optimized technology for pump station system.


5. Product Name: Polyurethane Wind Turbine Blade
    Exhibitor: Covestro Polymers (China) Co., Ltd
    Partner:Shanghai FRP Research Institute Co., Ltd, 
CPIC/ Fiberglass

The product is produced for wind power industry ind power industry ind power industry.

Covestro Polymers (China) Co., Ltd has developed a new polyurethane resin, which offers several advantages compared with conventional epoxy resin.

    1) Polyurethane resin has better mechanical properties, e.g. higher tensile strengthand modulus, higher bending strength and impact strength.

    2) Polyurethane resin has a stronger interface adhesion with glass fiber. Therefore,the reinforced composite has higher strength, higher modulus and better fatigue resistance, enabling a lighter weight blade design. By replacing epoxy resin with polyurethane resin along with optimizing the existing blade design, the blade weight can be reduced by 5-10%.

    3) Polyurethane resin has lower initial viscosity and flows faster inside the laminate;it reacts faster with lower exothermal temperature, thus cures faster after infusion and leads to lower shrinkage.

    4) More environmentally friendly production process attribute to lower VOC.

At present, Covestro has collaborated with several blade makers globally to develop polyurethane wind blades.


6. Product Name: Large Scale Offshore Blade Sinoma77.7-6.0MW
    Exhibitor: Sinomatech Wind Power Blade Co., Ltd.

The product is the longest wind turbine blade in Asia, and mainly used for the 6MW offshore wind turbine. Compared with similar products in China, the technology advantages are:

    1) Carbon fiber prepreg is used on key component-spar cap, which decreasesthe weight, increases the stiffness, and reduces the prebend. Meanwhile, theusing of flat back airfoil helps to improve the blade strength.

    2) For the lightening protection design, the copper cylinder is used to reinforcethe tip and improve the conductivity. The carbon fiber fabric between carbongirder and copper can be used for equipotential transfer.

    3) With the circular bead for the flatback core, and PVC is added into thetrailing edge UD.

This product has been delivered to the biggest domestic wind turbine supplier in China, and is field tested on the wind turbine.

7. Roding Roadster
    Exhibitor: Kangde Composites Co., Ltd.

Roding Roadster,which is limited to just 23 units, was the vehicle designed by KDX-Roding Europe Automobile Design Center in Germany.

The vehicle is powered by six-cylinder engine producing 300PS and 400Nm of torque. Roding Roadster weighs just 920kg, so it achieves 326bhp per tons. With such power, it could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and the top speed is 280km/h.

The luggage space is capable of accommodating a ski bag or a golf bag, and the roof structure is movable. Roding Roadster possesses personalized visual appearance design with high degree of identification.

At the same time, Roding Roadster adopt unique lightweight design, resulting in weight loss of about 75kg. It was manufactured via RTM process, and structural simplified mould was introduced in order to reduce the production cost. As a result, fast and accurate car body assembly was achieved at last.