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2016 CCE-JEC Innovation Award-Raw Materials
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2016-09-05 17:55:24
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原文:http://www.chinacompositesexpo.com/en/news-detail-129-3627.html 1. Product Name: Aluminum Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes(Al-POSS)
      Exhibitor: Tiance Technology Co., Ltd.

As a novel catalyst for resin, Al-POSS has unique cage structure and good dispersability. The fluidity and thermal stability of the resins can be improved. The curing temperature and curing time can be reduced, as well as the manufacturing costs.

Al-POSS is synthesized by combining metallic ion and cage structure through covalent bonds. Compared with other kinds of cyanate ester catalyst in the market, Al-POSS has an advantage of better dispersion. By using Al-POSS as catalyst, the flame retardation and toughness can also be improved.

The properties of Al-POSS are as follows:
    1) White powder, nontoxic and no flavor.
    2) Good dispersion in resin matrix.
    3) Metallic ion content ~4-5wt%. The curing reactions of the cyanate estercould be effectively accelerated and curing temperature could be reduced by 40℃.
    4) Improved mechanical properties of resins.
    5) Good flame retardation of resins.
    6) Good stability. Quality guarantee period is about 90 days at ambienttemperature, and ~180 days at low temperature.

The production has been provided to Beijing Satellite Manufacturing Factory and many other scientific research institutions, and received good feedbacks.

2. Product Name: Industrial Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Nano-composite for 3D Printing
    Exhibitor: Beijing NaShengTong Material Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

    Partner:Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Lorraine, France

The product has been widely used in fields of aerospace, railway, automobile, machinery, electronics, sports equipment, medical equipment and other industries, parts and components.

Nashengtong takes in close cooperation with 2 teams from Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Science and University of Lorraine, France.

The product has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, which fills the domestic blank.

At present, our prepreg possesses outstanding properties: density 1.12g/cm3, tensile strength 161MPa, tensile modulus 11400MPa, bending strength 248 MPa, bending modulus 10400MPa, tensile strain at break of 2.8%, notched Izod impact strength 5.4kJ/m2, un-notched impact strength 43 kJ/m2, heat distortion temperature under load 201℃. The performances and properties of corresponding components all meet the design requirement. It is currently financing to accelerate the industrialization of manufacturing and applications.

3. Product Name: SYM30 Medium-Modulus Carbon Fiber
    Exhibitor: Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd.

The product is suitable for parts and components with high requirement for structural rigidity, for example, racing bicycles, fishing rods, and other products from sports, leisure, and other civilian industrial areas.

The most innovative point of SYM30 medium-modulus carbon fiber is the using of large tow precursor produced by dry-jet wet spinning method, which contributes to approximately 30% lower cost of production than that of carbon fibers with modulus on the same level. SYM30 possesses high modulus, outstanding tensile strength, high elongation and good processability, thus competitive price-performance ratio.

Authorized testing results are: Tensile strength ~5200MPa, Tensile modulus ~295GPa, Fracture elongation ~ 1.7%, Linear density ~ 740g/km.

SYM30 medium modulus carbon fiber has been brought to market for a period, and have been widely used in racing bicycles, fishing rods and other areas. The properties and performances of both fibers and composites meet the requirements for terminal products, and get widely recognized by customers.