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Zhongfu Shenying is a subsidiary of CCGC belongs to CNBM--one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, established in September 2006 with RMB1500 million total investment. It owns PAN precursor capacity 13000t/a and carbon fiber capacity 6000t/a, becomes the biggest carbon fiber production base in China. Zhongfu Shenying has becomes leading enterprise in Chinese carbon fiber industry and mastered SYT35(T300), SYT49S(T700), SYT55(T800) kiloton level technology and SYM30(M30), SYM35(M35) hundred tons technology and SYT65(T1000) pilot test technology. It established the first kiloton dry jet wet spinning carbon fiber production line in China. It wins 60% market share in Chinese carbon fiber producers. Meanwhile, its products get into Italy, Russia, Korea and India market etc.

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