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Zhongfu Shenying, established in 2006, with registered capital of 614.988413 million yuan and accumulated investment of 2 billion yuan, belong to CNBM--one of the world's top 500 enterprises. It is a national high-tech enterprise, which integrate the research and development, production, sale of carbon fiber and PAN precursor, and the research and development of carbon fiber composites. Zhongfu Shenying mastered the kiloton production technology of SYT49S (T700), SYT55S (T800) grade carbon fiber and hundred-ton production technology of SYM30(M30), SYM35( M35) grade carbon fiber and pilot-scale technology of SYT65 (T1000) grade carbon fiber. At present, SYT49S, SYT55 and SYM30 carbon fibers had entered mass production, and maintained more than 50% market share among domestic enterprises.

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