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Polymer Technologies Pte Ltd. was established in 1994 to cater to the needs of the rising demands for advanced composite materials. We supply a water based cleaning agent, PolyKleen 11, which is a replacement for Acetone and other solvent resulting in cost saving. We also supply various: - Composite systems: Turn-key prepreg production system, resin dispenser, autoclave, pultrusion machine, GRC spray system - Testing equipment: Thickness sensor, Barcol, geltimer, Holiday detector - Production tools: All kind of Rollers, PE spiral/tube/tees/elbows/valve, Vacuum mixer, Regulator/tank/pump/valve, Cutting Tooling - Materials: Carbon Fiber yarn and Fabric, Resin, Conductive veil, Carbon chopped, Alkaline-resistance glassfiber, high density foam