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Izumi International Inc. was founded in 1977. Located in Greenville, South Carolina, the center of the US textile trade. Izumi International established itself by providing cutting edge technology and spare parts primarily for the Japanese Water Jet and Air Jet weaving machines. A few years later, Izumi International began carrying the winding machines made by Kamitsu Seisakusho, Ltd., Japan, for Carbon Fiber industries. Now Izumi International Inc. offers various kinds of winders, creels, warp and weft feeding and tensioning device for carbon fiber and other critical high performance fibers in the U.S.A. and Europe. Izumi International also exports textile machinery parts that are produced by American companies to Japan and Southeast Asia. Izumi International Co., Ltd., located in Osaka Japan, is a branch of Izumi International Inc. This office sales textile machinery and parts mainly to Japanese and Asian market and also supports the USA office by acting as a liaison between the Japanese vendors and the USA office. Today, Izumi International offers not only a variety of speciality machinery for the textile Industry, but also offers consulting and new technology for various industries. In addition, Izumi International markets Linear Motion Systems and Rodless air cylinders.