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Our institute is one of the earliest units which engaged in space technology. The institute devotes itself to exploration and research in four fields: Space Optical Remote Sensing, Recovery and Landing of Spacecrafts, Composite Materials Molding of Space and Pyrotechnic Devices of Spacecrafts, in all of which we won two special National Awards of Science & and Technology Progress, many National Awards of Science & Technology Progress, and more than 300 important Science & Technology fruit awards. The institute is at the highest level in the field of the space optical remote sensor research. There are 62 visible and infrared remote sensors used in orbit successfully, which are equipped on recoverable satellites, etc. They are used in the field of general survey of land, resources exploitation and environment inspection, etc. The institute is the only unit which engages in recovery and landing technology for spacecrafts. It has developed more than 30 types of recovery systems such as data capsule of aircraft and recovery satellites. And it has finished development and manufacturing tasks of recovery-landing subsystems for seven ShenZhou spaceships, and recovery technology is at the advanced level in the world. Many different kinds of composite material structures and pyrotechnic devices for spacecrafts developed by the institute are also widely used in different kinds of spacecrafts in our country. Based on space technology, the institute has developed defending products of Qi Dun series, packing boxes for special products and TVC fireproof plates of HuoLieNiao brand.