Net Show

Changhai is a listed company specialized in the fiberglass and related products. The current capacity is 130,000T per year. Also, the company has more than 20 lines of different fiberglass products. Currently, Changhai is producing 130,000T of fiberglass roving, 60,000T of chopped strand mat, 500 million square meter of tissue. The company has formed four main series of products for fiberglass roving, chopped strand mat, fiberglass tissue and coated mat, covering all kinds of direct roving, spray up roving, SMC roving, chopping roving for headliner, panel roving, assembled roving for chopping and tissue, colored & printed tissue, battery separator, combo mat, stitched mat, woven roving and so on. Changhai is exporting products to over 50 countries.
Booth No: A1110