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BUEFA Composite Systems GmbH & Co. KG based in Rastede (Germany) and their company BUEFA New Material Co. Ltd. based in Nanjing are system suppliers offering innovative, tailor-made composite products, excellent technical service, complete solutions and equipment as well as application expertise. Processors of reactive resins need competent and innovative suppliers for the production of components made of glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) but also for unreinforced applications. The extensive range of technologies that are available from BUEFA Composite Systems GmbH & Co. KG and BUEFA New Material Co. Ltd. means an advance in knowledge for manufacturers in the automotive, rail vehicles, wind energy, building and construction, sanitary, tanks and pipes, marine and swimming pool industries. Our products are ideally processed with the sophisticated but robust, user-friendly and individual machines/equipment and system solutions offered by BUEFA Tec. The success of BUEFA, 130 years old German company, is based not only on tradition but also on a trustworthy "with each other". BUEFA Composite Systems-Complete Solutions-Services-Products– know-how. Product range: Gelcoats, Bonding Pastes, Fire Retardant Systems, Pigment Pastes, Special Products, BUEFA Tec machine technology.