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The company is a technical company that is special in developing and manufacturing computer-controlled winding machines with high properties and multi-axes, pultrusion-winding machines and manufacturing lines of pipes. We have plenty of experience in developing molding equipment of FRP. The computer-controlled winding machines with multi-axe used in manufacturing have been proved by our customers to have stable qualities and can meet the need of industrial manufacture. The The fiber-spread machine with seven axes we developed is unique in China and reaches international level. The main products of Shanghai Vanguard FRP Technique Co., Ltd. are divided into three series. They are winding machine, pultrusion machine and pultrusion-winding machine. The winding machine series comprise computer-controlled winding machine with three axes, computer-controlled winding machine with two axes and mechanical winding machine. The pultrusion machine series comprise program-controlled hydraulic pultrusion machine, mechanical and electronical to-and-fro pultrusion machine.