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HEROMAN® is a global brand in specialized composites. Our product portfolio includes a unique combination of reinforcement fabrics, prepregs, resins, C/C composites and custom composite systems to meet the specific needs of our customers. A wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. based Rayonchi, Inc., Heroman (Guangzhou) Chemical Co.,Ltd. operates three divisions. The Industrial Composite Materials Division (ICMD) provides carbon fiber, kevlar, and fiber-glass fabrics. Combined with our resin formulations, we offer a broad range of both dry cloth and prepregs used in commercial aviation, sporting goods, wind energy, marine & automotive and the general industrial fields. The Construction Composite Materials Division (CCMD) produces standardized as well as custom fabrics and adhesives to suit the demanding applications in construction and infrastructure. In 1976, the manufacturer got the BMS9-8 certification by Boeing, and is one of its earliest textiles suppliers The Composite Products and Services Division (CPSD) has successfully developed C/C composite products for high temperature applications. In the meantime, we mold sets and craft custom designs for regular condition use. Through flexible product development and worldwide technical support, HEROMAN® ensures customer satisfaction while maintaining high quality standards.