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Europ Mould was born for Designing and Manufacturing Composites Molding Moulds. Tens of years devoting in Composites field, we're the most professional composites moulds & technical solution expert in China. Main Products: 1. SMC/BMC/LFT-D/GMT Moulds; 2. HP-RTM moulds: 3. CFRP moulds (WCM, Prepreg/Vacuum RTM/Vacuum bag Mould); 4. RTM moulds and RTM press. We started from exporting composites moulds to European market and now we're more confident of ourselves. We always provide overall technical solutions from part design, molding methods selection, mould design, after-molding cooling/cutting/bonding/assembly. We have 3,000 tons press and several 3.2m/2.5 imported CNC and high-speed CNC,
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