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Sunward Aviation was founded in 2006 in Austria, as a fusion of studies and researches made by a team of Italian and Chinese engeneers As a result of our experience over the last 25 years in the Aeronautical sector, this collaboration creates opportunities for important projects in this field with a large-scale development in China and Europe. One of Sunward Aviation core activity has always been the search of impeccable suppliers of Areonautic materials, expecially composite materials. On this basis was created the close cooperation between Sunward Aviaiton and G. Angeloni. G. Angeloni is among the top European advanced composite materials Hight tech producers As composite materials are used in several sectors, our customers are Areonautic, Nautic , companies, but also civil engineering companies specialized in the post earthqake reconstruction and prevention. The two companies share the same vision and goal: provide higth quality materials and give technical support to our own customers customising the right kind of fiber for their specific needs